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We are a Bowhunting Company. We're into all kinds of bowhunting from whitetails and black bear, to moose, elk, and bison, all the way to hippo, Cape buffalo, Asiatic water buffalo, and elephant. About 90% of our customers are compound shooters and 10% shoot traditional bows. We're proud of the fact that no matter what kind of bow these serious bowhunters shoot, they shoot our GrizzlyStik single bevel broadheads, Silver Flame broadheads and our full-length tapered GrizzlyStik carbon arrows for trophy hunting all over the world.

They put their trust in the GrizzlyStik system and when they do they're setting themselves up for success.

There are links below to articles written by various bowhunters on various topics. Some the broadhead reports by Cleve Cheney are especially interesting.

For s few years Alaska Bowhunting Supply/GrizzlyStik sponsored a column in ArrowTrade Magazine called "Traditional Focus." ArrowTrade is a "trade magazine" and is circulated to archery dealers and distributors. Because of that, the bowhunters themselves never really get to see these articles and when you know that the content was intended to dealers, it will make sense that some of the articles discuss increasing sales and new products in the traditional archery industry. Writing for ArrowTrade Magazine was an excellent opportunity for us to spread the word about momentum, heavy arrows, single bevel broadheads, and all the important components and strategies that bowhunters can use to increase their odds of success. Listed below by topic are the articles we sponsored in ArrowTrade magazine. ArrowTrade has graciously made them available online and because of that we are able to share them with you here. We hope you enjoy them, we certainly had a good time writing them.


Africa's Bowhunter Articles

Special Broadhead Reports by: Cleve Cheney


ArrowTrade Magazine Articles

Exploring the Penetration Advantages of Higher FOC Arrows

Ashby On Broadheads - Page 72 

Hunting Big Big Game - Page 40

The Effectiveness of Extreme Forward of Center - Page 88

Arrows for the BIGGEST GAME - Page 118

The Top Twelve Penetration Enhancing Factors - Page 139

Getting to Know Dr. Ashby - Page 182

Tuning Traditional Bows - Page 132

The Basics of Instinctive Shooting - Page 124

What's New for Traditional Bowhunters - Page 46

Sharpening Cut-On-Contact Broadheads - Page 103

Understanding Broadhead Sharpness - Page 58

The Basics of Building the Flemish String - Page 130

What's New in Traditional Archery - Page 156

Embrace Traditional Archery & Grow! - Page 94