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Perfect for in the field touch-ups on single bevel broadheads.

We designed it for our GrizzlyStik line of single bevel broadheads but our customers report that it works well on any single bevel broadhead with a 25 degree edge bevel.

The single bevel Broadhead Pro has the same rugged construction as our long selling double bevel Broadhead Pro but this one sharpens single bevel broadheads. With its separate sharpening slots, you can sharpen either left or right bevel broadheads. It doesn't matter if your single bevel broadheads are concave, convex or straight, the single bevel Broadhead Pro does them all.

The Broadhead Pro is designed to take the guesswork out of sharpening and ensures the same sharpening angle every time.

Simply place the Broadhead Pro thin bottom section (with the v-groove) flat side down on any firm surface and draw the broadhead through it. Because the microcarbon carbide sharpening blades (92.6 Rockwell) are harder than the broadhead steel, they literally "shave" steel off the broadhead until a nice edge is established.

The broadhead ferrule doesn’t get in the way, like it does with flat files, so you'll always maintain that perfect angle, whether sharpening for the first time or putting an edge back on.

Bonus Feature!
The Broadhead Pro features a hardened ceramic honing surface chemically bonded to its anodized aluminum handle (C65 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale). Use it like a whetstone - - it won't wear off. The rounded edges of the body will sharpen serrated blades. And check out the bottom edge - there's a V-groove for sharpening fishing hooks.

The Broadhead Pro comes with a Lifetime Warranty*.

Sharpening Tips:
• Use only light downward pressure, excessive force can cause chattering and chip cutter blades.
• Pull towards yourself when sharpening. Never push away.
• If a broadhead resists being sharpened, use more strokes, not more pressure.

GrizzlyStik Exclusive!