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Arrow Selection (18)  
Nocks (18)  
Cut Length BOP  
Broadheads (12)  
Broadhead Wallet  
Stalking Quiver  







Hunt everything on safari from Cape buffalo on down with the GrizzlyStik BLACK 950 grain arrow & broadhead system.



John Hernandez, National Sales Manager at Bowtech Archery
used a GrizzlyStik 950 Safari System to take his Cape buffalo.


Note: Before you invest in the GrizzlyStik BLACK 950 grain Safari Package - we want you to know for a fact which GrizzlyStik arrow shoots best for you. We recommend that you start by testing any two GrizzlyStik BLACK arrows, weighted to 950 grains with the 950 Safari Test Pack.


Save Over 20% as a package - We created the GrizzlyStik BLACK 950 grain Safari Package to have everything you need for a Cape buffalo - African plains game safari. Hunt everything on safari from Cape Buffalo & Giraffe all they way down to the smallest plains game with the same GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system.

Note: The GrizzlyStik BLACK 950 grain Safari system is also perfect for: Asiatic water buffalo, giraffe, Argentinian water buffalo, Brown bear and anything else of similar size.

The 950 grain 26+% FOC GrizzyStik system is the .375 H&H of bowhunting. With this system you can shoot everything outside of Elephant, Hippo and Rhino with the same arrow - you don't have to change. In Africa, if you draw blood you pay.

Why take any chances? Make sure you use enough arrow - use the GrizzlyStik BLACK 950 Safari system.


The GizzlyStik Safari Package Includes:


♦  18 - GrizzlyStik fletched arrows: Cut to your length and weighted internally to a minimum of 950 grains. The inserts will be glued in and the arrows matched to within +/- 2 grains


♦  12 - 315 grain Forged GrizzlyStik Broadheads


♦  18 - 315 grain Field Points


♦  12 - Extra White Nocks


♦  1 - GrizzlyStik Hat


For Dangerous Game
*** We strongly recommend lighted nocks
Both for you and your PH backing you up.



Once you dial in your bow for 950 grain arrows, GrizzlyStik recommends shooting the same set up for everything on Safari.

In rifle hunting, it would be the equivalent of shooting a .375 H&H with 300 solids.


Once your dialed in for Cape Buffalo, we recommend you use the same arrow and broadhead for everything while on Safari.


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