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Bob Summers - Deltana Outfitters

"I was guiding a bowhunter for moose in Alaska. He was shooting GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads.

The arrow went through the point of the shoulder, broke four ribs, and came out the hind quarter. I've never seen an arrow and broadhead set-up that could produce so much energy - to go the whole length of a moose - I've seen bullets not do that.

Now when anybody comes brown bear hunting with a bow they have to use GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads or I will not take them."
Bob Summers

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Cole Kramer -
Kramer's Kodiak Guide Service

"My name is Cole Kramer. My experience with GrizzlyStiks has been pretty amazing results with our archery brown bear hunters that we take. I try to get guys to get the 650 set-up with the 200 grain Maasai and the GrizzlyStik arrow.

I've had circumstances where guys hit a bear, and it's a great shot but the bear's turning, running away and I tell them to shoot 'em again and I've had 'em hit 'em in the rear end and have it go all the way up through and up into the neck. To have that sort of penetration on a 10' brown bear - it's pretty spectacular.

So I think it's totally worth it to change up your whitetail set-up to a big game set-up. I've had nothing but great success with using their equipment so I would totally recommend it for every big game."
Cole Kramer

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Mark James - Mark James Studio

"Rode Walker does it again with GrizzlyStik!!!

After trying the new set up on Texas Audad and Hog with clean pass-throughs, he took it to the Wyoming mountains for elk.

The hunt lasted only 3 days, each action-packed with incredible encounters of screaming bulls. On day 3 Rode closed the deal with a perfectly placed 14 yard shot which resulted in the quickest, cleanest kill I have EVER witnessed with the use of archery equipment on an elk.

The bull COMPLETELY expired in approximately 5 seconds. We were elated and awestruck! Thank you for making the world's finest archery equipment which proves itself year after year."
Mark James

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Santiago Rossi -
Poithaue Hunting Ranch

"I've been using GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads for about four years now. Before GrizzlyStik, I was seeing a lot of people getting a lack of penetration on their hunts. They were shooting really light set-ups. It wasn't a matter of bow poundage, it was light arrows with expandable broadheads there were not getting through bone.

That's when we started working with GrizzlyStik - they put some good stuff together for us and we started testing it out on our water buffalo and red deer. We started getting way better results.

That's why we always encourage people to try the GrizzlyStik set ups and try to go heavier on their arrows and a little bit heavier on their broadheads just to get that extra penetration you need when things don't go perfect.

If you put a perfect shot - like between ribs, you can kill animals with pretty much everything. But when you start hitting bones there's just a few things that really work, and these guys are making arrows and broadheads that are designed for that kind of stuff."
Santiago Rossi

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Neil Summers -
Bowhunting Safari Consultants

"I'm Neil Summers from Bowhunting Safari Consultants. When I hunt dangerous game in Africa, hippos, elephants, Cape buffalo, I use GrizzlyStik and all their broadhead products.

'Cause when you're hunting big stuff - you need something that really really works - and GrizzlyStik does the job."
Neil Summers

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Jason Bridger - Tholo Safaris

"Those broadheads - It's been really impressive you know. Those nice heavy broadheads on top of a nice heavy arrow - I mean everything we've shot has just passed straight through. I've been quite shocked actually - I've been very impressed.

A lot of guys, I think they don't realize how big bodied these African animals are. You're not going to get every shot in the right spot you know. So when there's a bit of bone in the way, to have a two bladed broadhead that, you know I think, if you hit that bone it will glance and go in the right direction.

It's been... overall I'm impressed it's a good set-up. I wish more guys would bring heavier arrows and heavier arrow heads. It would make my job easier."
Jason Bridger

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Dustin Neal - Neal & Brownlee

"My name is Dustin Neal with Neal & Brownlee and also Hunting in the Heartland TV. I went over to South Africa this last July and I took the GrizzlyStik arrows and Ashby broadheads for Cape buffalo. I also shot a kudu with it, and a zebra.

The buffalo - I shot him from 22 yards. The arrow went in and lodged on the opposite shoulder. That buffalo didn't go 90-yards. Ran 90-yards, and went down.

We went in and put an insurance shot in through the chest and it came out through the spine - the broadhead was sticking out past the spine about six inches!

Those arrows! I am very impressed with. For dangerous game and all these tough African animals - thick bones and stuff - Those GrizzlyStik arrows are the way to go. They will kill whatever you want to hunt."
Dustin Neal

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Cobus Pretorius - Dries Visser Safaris

"My name is Cobus, I am working with Dries Visser Safaris. It's one of the biggest bowhunting outfitters in South Africa. We've been bowhunting from 1990 already and we specialize in archery bowhunting only.

I was using before on a giraffe hunt the GrizzlyStik, 315 grains. At 55 yards - frontal shot - and it went down in 150 yards. I am really recommending it to all our clients that are hunting with us for the buffaloes, the Cape buffalo because - it's an excellent product. And you can even use it afterwards over and over again.

And yeah, we believe in it. And we're recommending it for all of our clients."
Cobus Pretorius

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Butch Coaton - Roger Whittall Safaris

"I had the pleasure of hunting with Jeff Capagna and Dasha. We got to hunt an elephant with a bow, using GrizzlyStiks, a Hoyt bow, and Ashby broadheads.

After a few days of frustration - we got up on some bulls, three bulls and... 30 yard broadside shot. Jeff looked 'round at me and I said it looks good to me and if you're happy - let's do this.

That thing, one arrow, right through the top of the heart - double lung was stuck in the shoulder on the other side there. I've done several elephant with bows and this is the first one that we've done with one arrow.

It was just clinical. Fantastic hunting, fantastic experience with two very good hunters and friends of mine. With great equipment and that was the key in this, this deal that, they had the right stuff - and it was a very very good safari - very good hunt."
Butch Coaton

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Bredger Thomason -
Zambeze Delta Safaris

"I got with Garrett at GrizzlyStik and got me set up with some GrizzlyStik arrows, the Momentum 175's. Shooting an 80# Hoyt Nitro 34. Shooting the 950 grain GrizzlyStik set up with the Ashby broadhead on it.

Stalked up within 16 yards of a big Cape buffalo and had a complete pass through. At 16 yards. The buffalo ran 40 yards, 45 yards, and was literally dead in 30 seconds.

It was the most unbelievable hunt I have ever been on and I recommend that if you hunt buffalo - big game, that you use the GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead because it's a lethal set up and you'll have complete success with the whole system.

And I recommend, if you come hunt with me in Mozambique - that's the set up I'll recommend, because it's what works."
Bredger Thomason

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