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The .500 Nitro Express of Bowhunting

GrizzlyStik Momentum BLACK 175 Carbon Arrows
For 75# - 100+# Bows

(Depending on arrow length and point slug weight.)




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Designed for successfully hunting the largest animals in the world.  Whether Elephant, Hippo, Cape Buffalo, Asiatic Buffalo, Giraffe or Brown Bear - The GrizzlyStik Momentum BLACK 175 can do it all. Think of it as the .500 Nitro Express of Bowhunting equipment.

We had so many customer request for a Momentum arrow that had a heavy enough spine to handle 75# to 100# bows and carry the 315 grain Ashby.  With our proprietary woven nano-carbon technology we have tested and accomplished just that.

GrizzlyStik Momentum BLACK arrows are the most advanced full length tapered carbon arrows available anywhere.

GrizzlyStik Momentum BLACK - tapered carbon arrows with built in FOC (Forward of Center) strength, accuracy, penetration, and trajectory.

GrizzlyStik Momentum BLACK Tapered arrows. We took everything good from the GrizzlyStik Momentum U-FOC series and made it better!

 New manufacturing process and finish = Savings to you!

 New Flat Black Finish = Non-glare & No more sticking in targets

 New 100 grain Insert = Higher FOC Built In – More strength up front.

 New Momentum Custom Nock = fits hi-performance thin-strings.

When we first introduced the GrizzlyStik Momentum U-FOC line it was the best tapered arrow line for bowhunting ever offered – just ask all our successful bowhunters! The penetration gains from the increased FOC (forward of center) we were able to achieve was nothing short of amazing.

Now we’ve updated the process and the components to bring you the GrizzlyStik Momentum Black tapered carbon arrow series.

They’ve got the same tough woven carbon construction, a new carbon matrix in the epoxies, and a non-glare flat black finish that won’t stick in targets.

GrizzlyStik Momentum Black 175 arrows are spined for bows 75# - 100+# (Depending on point slug weight and arrow length.)

Momentum 175 Weight:
Momentum 175 full length, with insert and nock approx. 635 grains.


Momentum BLACK 175 Specifications:

♦   Spine: .175"

♦   Straightness: +/- .0025"

♦   Weight: Full length fletched with nock and 100 grain insert ~ 623 grains

♦   Profile: Continuous 13% taper

♦   Material: Woven Micro-Carbon 

♦   Insert Weight: Approx. 100 grains

♦   Nock Weight: Approx. 5 grains

♦   Sold by the six pack


Maximize penetration! For amazing pass-through power like you’ve never seen before, shoot hard-hitting GrizzlyStik Momentum BLACK arrows. The most advanced full length tapered carbon arrows ever offered. Cutting edge micro-carbon technology combined with the industry’s only tip-to-tail-taper yields an incredibly strong, aerodynamically superior, “broadhead delivery system.” The proof is in the shooting, (and the science that backs it up) with GrizzlyStik Momentum BLACK arrows you get all the penetration advantages of; weight forward, strength forward, and spine forward; including built-in Ultra-Forward of Center potential.

Momentum BLACK arrows offer the optimum ratio of mass weight to stiffness for arrows that live to zip through anything that gets in their way. In short, no matter how fast your compound, (or traditional bow for that matter) if you’re looking for the ultimate, “one arrow that does it all”, fill your quiver with Momentum U-FOC tapered carbons and hunt with confidence, knowing that you’re shooting the best there is.

The Story Behind Momentum BLACK Arrows:

"You've got to make them lighter and stiffer." That was the challenge from Dr. Ed Ashby, the man responsible for proving to the bowhunting world what really works on big game and what does not. His studies had proven the penetration superiority of arrows with extreme FOC (forward of center) and ultra FOC. His research revealed that, just like you can’t have too much penetration, you can’t have too much FOC. And, to get the most penetration possible, FOC figures of 20% and greater are the goal.

Initially, the problem with engineering such an arrow was the physical limitation of available materials. You just couldn’t make tapered arrows lighter and stiffer with conventional materials. The solution was micro-carbon technology. By utilizing ultra-light, ultra-strong carbon, we were able to successfully create the lightest, strongest and only full length tapered carbon arrow of its kind in the world. With the Momentums, you can reach optimum mass weight AND ultra-FOC for arrows that hit hard, penetrate deep, and give you a flat trajectory to boot!

GrizzlyStik Momentum BLACK 175 arrows come standard with nocks, brass inserts, installed 5" cresting wraps and flectched with GrizzlyStik logo 2" Blazer vanes (white cock vane and chartreuse hens) in Right helical.



Neil Summers of Bowhunting Safari Consultants with his 2012 Elephant.

Neil used a GrizzlyStik 175 Arrow and Ashby broadhead for his Jumbo.

The total arrow weight was 1250 grains and had a 29.5% FOC.