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Cut Length BOP  


The .270 WSM of Bowhunting

GrizzlyStik Momentum BLACK 450 Carbon shafts 
For 45# - 60# Bows 

(Depending on arrow length and point slug weight.)



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GrizzlyStik Momentum BLACK - tapered carbon shafts with built in FOC (Forward of Center) strength, accuracy, penetration, and trajectory. 

GrizzlyStik Momentum BLACK Tapered shafts. We took everything good from the GrizzlyStik Momentum U-FOC series and made it better! 

 New manufacturing process and finish = Savings to you! 

 New Flat Black Finish = Non-glare & No more sticking in targets 

 New 100 grain Insert = Higher FOC Built In – More strength up front. 

 New Momentum Custom Nock = fits hi-performance thin-strings. 

When we first introduced the GrizzlyStik Momentum U-FOC line it was the best tapered arrow line for bowhunting ever offered – just ask all our successful bowhunters! The penetration gains from the increased FOC (forward of center) we were able to achieve was nothing short of amazing. 

Now we’ve updated the process and the components to bring you the GrizzlyStik Momentum Black tapered carbon arrow series. 

They’ve got the same tough woven carbon construction, a new carbon matrix in the epoxies, and a non-glare flat black finish that won’t stick in targets. 

GrizzlyStik Momentum Black 450 shafts are spined for bows 45# - 60# (Depending on point slug weight and arrow length.)


Momentum 450 Weight: Momentum 450 full length, with 100 grain brass insert and nock approx. 425 grains.


Momentum BLACK 450 Specifications:

♦   Spine: .450"

♦   Straightness: +/- .0025"

♦   Weight: Full length shaft only ~ 314 grains

♦   Profile: Continuous 13% taper

♦   Material: Woven Micro-Carbon 

♦   Insert Weight: Approx. 100 grains

♦   Nock Weight: Approx. 5 grains

♦   Sold by the six pack



Maximize penetration! For amazing pass-through power like you’ve never seen before, shoot hard-hitting GrizzlyStik Momentum U-FOC shafts. The most advanced full length tapered carbon shafts ever offered. Cutting edge micro-carbon technology combined with the industry’s only tip-to-tail-taper yields an incredibly strong, aerodynamically superior, “broadhead delivery system.” The proof is in the shooting, (and the science that backs it up) with GrizzlyStik Momentum U-FOC shafts you get all the penetration advantages of; weight forward, strength forward, and spine forward; including built-in Ultra-Forward of Center potential.

Designed for maximum penetration, Momentum U-FOC shafts offer the optimum ratio of mass weight to stiffness for shafts that live to zip through anything that gets in their way. In short, no matter how fast your compound, (or traditional bow for that matter) if you’re looking for the ultimate, “one arrow that does it all”, fill your quiver with Momentum U-FOC tapered carbons and hunt with confidence, knowing that you’re shooting the best there is.


The Story Behind Momentum U-FOC shafts:
“You’ve got to make them lighter and stiffer.” That was the challenge from Dr. Ed Ashby, the man responsible for proving to the bowhunting world what really works on big game and what does not. His studies had proven the penetration superiority of shafts with extreme FOC (forward of center) and ultra FOC. His research revealed that, just like you can’t have too much penetration, you can’t have too much FOC. And, to get the most penetration possible, FOC figures of 20% and greater are the goal.

Initially, the problem with engineering such an arrow was the physical limitation of available materials. You just couldn’t make tapered shafts lighter and stiffer with conventional materials. The solution was micro-carbon technology. By utilizing ultra-light, ultra-strong carbon, we were able to successfully create the lightest, strongest and only full length tapered carbon arrow of its kind in the world. With the Momentums, you can reach optimum mass weight AND ultra-FOC for shafts that hit hard, penetrate deep, and give you a flat trajectory to boot!!

Another issue we faced was the fact that many of our customers were shooting compound bows in the 65-75 pound range. They needed a GrizzlyStik that would perform from their high-performance bows. Knowing that, we tested Momentum U-FOC’s on the most popular compounds and kept tweaking until we found the perfect ratio of stiffness to mass weight. The added stiffness made tuning much easier and the lighter mass-weight gave the kind of trajectories these shooters were used to. We nailed it. This arrow is perfect for compound shooters! (But can be shot from longbows and recurve bows as well.)
In our opinion you can’t get a better arrow anywhere.

Try a pack of GrizzlyStik Momentum U-FOC shafts and see for yourself. Experience the advantage of forward thinking.

The perfect balance between hard-hitting mass weight and impressive flat trajectories.

GrizzlyStik Momentum BLACK shafts come standard with nocks and brass inserts. 



"We were only in the blind for a couple minutes when a group of Eland headed right in, and with them was a very nice looking bull.  I had just gone over shot placement with my PH when the Eland put himself in perfect shooting distance.  I barely had time to think as I grabbed my bow and aimed.  The Eland was at a perfect quartering away shot, but while I was a full draw he took another step and was then at a very extreme quartering away.  I quickly put my pin back in position and pulled the trigger.  Because of the angle I was worried that I had hit too far back, but the Eland only ran about 40 yards and then stopped.  He tried to walk a little more, but couldn't and finally fell over and died. Upon recovery of the animal we saw that my arrow had penetrated over 3 feet and nearly had a complete pass through. 

My PH was shocked that my little 42lb bow with such a short draw length could get that much penetration on such a large animal. My arrow is a GrizzlyStik Momentum, total weight is 535 grains, FOC is 28%, and the broadhead is a 200 grain Samurai. The last picture of me with the broadhead was dug out of the Eland and it is still razor sharp!"

Emily Thompson of Danger Close Outdoors hunting in South Africa with Chattaronga Safaris.






"I would like to express my gratitude for your expert advice and superior products. After driving twelve hundred miles from Texas and hunting for hours on end I was blessed to take this 178 – 4/8” Non Typical Whitetail on an early season archery hunt in Michigan. 

I have to admit that the first time I was introduced to the effects of momentum verse kinetic energy I was skeptical, but it did make sense to me. I ordered the GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow shafts and the test pack of field points and embarked on a three month test that confirmed to me that I have missed the boat for so many years. 

I went on this hunt with excitement and anticipation of how these shafts would perform. Once I found this deer I hunted all day from the stand with nothing but smaller bucks feeding up and down the hill side near me, when finally at last light he appeared at eighty yards on the hill side and worked his way within twenty six yards never leaving the security of the brush. At the last minute of shooting light after standing motionless for more than ten minutes staring directly my way he took that fatal step forward. 

The arrow passed directly through his front shoulder and exiting out the opposite rib cage on a quartering shot toward me. I found the arrow at the scene of the crime buried in the ground over half of the twenty nine and three eights inch length, a testimony to the mass amount of momentum that the grizzly stick carried. 

Garrett, I could not be more pleased with the performance of the GrizzlyStiks. 

GrizzlyStik has made me a customer for life. Thank you!"
 Jeff McCrary