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Here at GrizzlyStik - our passion is manufacturing arrows and broadheads that give bowhunters their best chance of success on all big game in all situations.

At first - our product designs were based on the findings of the Dr Ed Ashby Reports. Our ideas and concepts were all tested and backed by science & physics. But...

Then, as bowhunter after bowhunter reported their impressive results from the field - and as we continued our testing - we realized that we were compiling the most important data of all - data from bowhunters around the world shooting big game animals from whitetail deer to elephant. Now, we get so much data from actual bowhunting experiences - from thousands of bowhunters - that we can continue to tweak our products constantly evolving with the demands of the bowhunting world and to continue with our mission of producing the most lethal arrow and broadhead system ever offered.

We're always working on the GrizzlyStik product line to ensure that we can continue to offer you equipment that will set you up for success - even when things go wrong.

The industry doesn't want to hear it. They still push light and fast set-ups that have proven themselves as mediocre performers at best. Yes - they work when everything goes right - but in bowhunting, things happen. Things go wrong.

Since we go against the grain, we have found it best to reach out the the individual bowhunters themselves. The ones who have felt the pain of lost opportunities. Bowhunters like you, who have experienced first hand the inadequates of the light fast mindset. Those bowhunters know what's at stake and they don't want to lose even one more animal that they could have taken - if only they had used better arrows and broadheads.

We don't have an official Pro-Staff.

With our GrizzlyStik system - of full length tapered arrows and super sharp, tough-as-nails broadheads - we have built our reputation of success on customer testimonials, pictures and videos.  We choose not to retain a pro staff, social media experts or paid spokespeople.

Instead - GrizzlyStik has an abundance of something that is far more authoritative - testimonials from some of the world's most successful bowhunters, bowhunting guides and professional hunters (PH's). 

The sheer volume and range of testimonials for GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead performance is unmatched. These are real stories, pictures and videos from retail customers, bowhunting outfitters, registered guides and PH's that trust GrizzlyStik 
for their bowhunting success.

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