Designed for all aspects of hunting ~ Especially proper game care & processing.


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 For a limited time the Mike Robinson knives we're selling are a part of a numbered run. If you order now, you'll get one of the numbered knives. If you're interested in a particular number between 70 - 100 call us at 541-639-3750 Ext 1 to place your order.



The Robinson Deer Knife is one of the first hunting knives ever developed with proper field care of wild game in mind.

Every element of its brilliant design flows into the next - resulting in a knife that is an ideal combination of perfected function and graceful form. These features allow the knife to work with you, as a natural extension of your hand.

• Bleeding

• Extra Clean Field Dressing

• Head & Leg Removal

• Clean Hide Skinning

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Mike Robinson Deer Knife
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