• Robinson Deer Knife and KME Sharpener Kit

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The Mike Robinson Deer Knife

Designed for all aspects of hunting ~ Especially proper game care & processing.


Order Your Mike Robinson Deer Knife Today!

Our first batch of 15 knives are nearly gone! They are all part of a special limited run of 500 numbered knives. Our first knives will be numbers 70 - 85 so if you're interested in a particular number from that span call us at 541-639-3750 Ext 1 to place your order.



All Robinson Deer Knives are shipped in an attractive gift box and come with two sheaths.
1- Leather Sheath & 1- Nylon sheath.

We will only receive a limited supply of the numbered knives - call and place your order to reserve your numbered knife today. 541-639-3750 Ext 1

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The Robinson Deer Knife is one of the first hunting knives ever developed with proper field care of wild game in mind.

Every element of its brilliant design flows into the next - resulting in a knife that is an ideal combination of perfected function and graceful form. These features allow the knife to work with you, as a natural extension of your hand.

• Bleeding

• Extra Clean Field Dressing

• Head & Leg Removal

• Clean Hide Skinning

The importance of the Knife

Without a Rifle or a bow you cannot harvest a deer - without a knife you cannot process it.

The two are symbiotic and crucial to each other. Throughout history a good knife has been man’s boon companion in the field and the same is true today. So why this knife?

Over the years I reckon i’ve shot about 7500 deer, and gralloched a good few more of other peoples! Like most hunters I would see a knife I liked, buy it, use it, then either lose it or get dissatisfied and move on to the next. There was always some element I didn’t like.

Points that often cropped up like: Too big a drop point, so bleeding was hard, or too hard steel so it wouldn’t resharpen, or too big a guard so I couldn’t get it in deeply enough to make the bleed. and many more....

So I started buying bare blades of different shapes and sizes and putting antler handles on. This was when I realised the importance of handle design. It had to be comfortable, ergonomic, capable of going through a dishwasher hundreds of times, and narrow enough at the guard to penetrate as deep as you need in the event of having to finish a deer..

The blade was also tricky. It had to be curved to facilitate skinning, hold a great edge but be soft enough to resharpen in the field, pointy enough to bleed deer effortlessly.

It had to be large enough to handle all the tasks at hand so we opted for a 4 1/2" blade length.

The blade had to be thick enough to be super strong but not so thick as to be unwieldy. The edge geometry had to be just right and it had to index well in the hand so the knife is just a extension. One doctor friend says it works like a scalpel.

The handle scales are made of G10 - strong fibreglass resin that is pretty much unbreakable, secured with devcon and brass torx screws. the tang is full, and the blade is Sandvik steel - the legendary 12C27.

The .303 round in the knife’s butt is a piece of British legend. We fought both World Wars with it, and as a cartridge it has shot every game animal on Earth. Mainly, though, it is a rimmed round and catches the sheath tab - a unique Robinson feature that makes losing the knife impossible. Every round in my knives has been shot through my old 1918 Lee Enfield battle rifle!

My final prototype knife ( which lives on my hunting belt) has dressed over 600 deer, guts, head and legs, and has only ever been touched up on a chefs steel. It's the best hunting knife I have ever used, and the last one I'll ever need. 

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NEW GrizzlyStik sharpening kit from KME Sharpeners!

This is a must have kit for every bowhunter using cut on contact broadheads.

Available only through GrizzlyStik.com

We have found that the KME sharpening system is the best way to sharpen all your cut on contact broadheads, AND all your hunting knives.

We have endorsed the KME sharpening system for years and now KME has created a special kit just for GrizzlyStik.

This GrizzlyStik sharpening kit from KME is only available at GrizzlyStik.com and includes:

• 1- KME Knife Sharpening System Jig with standard knife jaws

• 1- Set KME Knife broadhead jaws

• 1- KME Accessory Base

• 1- KME Gold Series X-Coarse Hone - 140 grit

• 1- KME Gold Series Coarse Hone - 300 grit

• 1- KME Gold Series Fine Hone - 600 Grit

• 1- KME Gold Series Extra Fine Hone - 1500 grit

• 1- KME Kangaroo Leather Strop

• 1- Bottle KME 4 micron CBN emulsion (4 Micron = 4000 grit)

• 1- 1oz Water Bottle

• 1- 12 x 12 Cotton Cleaning Cloth

• 1- Detailed Instructions

• 1- Large Hardshell Case


Stay tuned for a video that covers single bevel broadheads on the GrizzlyStik kit from KME Sharpeners.

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