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Set yourself up for success with the GrizzlyStik 950 

Momentum TDT® - 6x6 Arrow Package

The GrizzlyStik 950 System will give you an arrow and broadhead setup that delivers lethal performance on anything in North America and Cape Buffalo, Giraffe, and all African plains game.

GrizzlyStik 950 System Pass Through on Cape Buffalo


The GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT 950 - 6x6 6 Arrow Package comes with: 

♦  Six (6) Fletched Momentum TDT arrows - built to a minimum of 950 grains 

♦  Your choice of either 2" vanes or 4" RW shield feathers

♦  Your choice of Bohning "A" white push-in tunable nocks or add lighted X nocks

♦  Your choice to add GrizzlyStik cresting wraps

♦  Standard GrizzlyStik 70 grain jacketed in-outserts + brass to reach 950

♦  Arrow cutting and insert installation services are included

♦  Six (6) GrizzlyStik 315 grain broadheads - your choice

♦  Twelve (6) GrizzlyStik 315 grain field points

♦  Your choice of GrizzlyStik cap

♦  20% system discount

♦  Take them out of the box, screw on your broadhead and go hunting


Save Over 20% as a package - We created the GrizzlyStik 950 Momentum TDT - 6x6 950 Arrow package for the bowhunter the wants to shoot the system.  Imagine taking the shot at any angle and getting through any bone to ethically harvest your quarry. No more passing on shots because the angle wasn't quite right. No more loss due to poor arrow or broadhead performance.  950 grains paired with +20% FOC - ensures that you'll get through any bone you might encounter. 
If bowhunting is your passion, don't take chances on arrows and broadheads that 'might' get the job done. Shoot the GrizzlyStik system - proven on everything from whitetails to elephant. 

GrizzlyStik 950 System - Full Pump Job on Asiatic Buffalo



GrizzlyStik 950 System on Zambeze Cape Buffalo


GrizzlyStik 950 System - Frontal on Giraffe

John Hernandez, National Sales Manager at Bowtech Archery used a
GrizzlyStik 950 Momentum TDT System to take his Cape buffalo


For Dangerous Game 
*** We strongly recommend lighted nocks
Both for you and your PH backing you up.

Once you dial in your bow for 950 grain system, GrizzlyStik recommends shooting the same set up for everything on Safari. In rifle hunting, it would be the equivalent of shooting a .375 H&H with 300 solids.


Shoot the GrizzlyStik 950 System for everything on Safari