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We are a Bowhunting Company. We're into all kinds of bowhunting from whitetails and black bear, to moose, elk, and bison, all the way to hippo, Cape buffalo, Asiatic water buffalo, and elephant. About 90% of our customers are compound shooters and 10% shoot traditional bows. We're proud of the fact that no matter what kind of bow these serious bowhunters shoot, they shoot our GrizzlyStik single bevel broadheads, Silver Flame broadheads and our full-length tapered GrizzlyStik carbon arrows for trophy hunting all over the world.



Live To Hunt & Fish - PODCAST 
w/GrizzlyStik President Garrett Schlief

Live To Hunt & Fish Video Podcast w/GrizzlyStik President Garrett Schlief


The Lethal Podcast PODCAST 
w/Garrett Schlief & Todd Smith

Journal of Mountain Hunting - PODCAST 
Setting the FOC-ing Record Straight 
with Dr. Ashby & Garrett Schlief

Kifaru Cast - PODCAST 
on Synder - with Dr. Ed Ashby

Journal of Mountain Hunting - PODCAST 
w/GrizzlyStik President Garrett Schlief


Africa's Bowhunter Magazine

Special Broadhead Reports by: Cleve Cheney


Bowhunter & Bowhunting Magazine


Ashby 101

Compounding Heavy Arrows


Is this the Ultimate Arrow/Broadhead Combo for Big Game?

Top Tactics For Cold-Weather Bowhunting

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Interview with GrizzlyStik's Todd Smith at the Safari Club International Show


University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Atlatl Research 
Referencing Dr. Ashby

How Atlatl Darts Behave

 Beveled Projectile Points and Ballistics Technology

The Ballistics of Archaic North American Atlatls and Darts - Page 63

Journal of Mountain Hunting

Busting Bone

Top 12 Arrow Penetration Enhancing Factors

The Case for Single Bevel Broadheads


The Ed Ashby Thing

Gearing Up To Bowhunt Dangerous Game


Complete Pass Thru On Cape Buffalo

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