For really Big Game like moose, bison, the big bears, big hogs, eland, and even kudu we recommend a minimum of 650 grains. Dr. Ashby's reports confirm that 650 grains is the magic number for breaching heavy bone.

All of our arrows can be set up to hit 650 grains or more. All of our broadheads perform well in this category but we recommend that you shoot the heaviest broadhead you can to increase your FOC. (Forward of Center)

Dr. Ashby's reports also show that arrows with higher FOC percentages penetrate more once the heavy bone is breached.

When working up your arrow and broadhead combination the best strategy is to use the shortest arrow you can, (within reason) with the most weight up front. This will increase your FOC percentage. You can always add additional weight to the back of the brass insert to reclaim any weight you might lose by cutting the arrows.



We highly recommend that you start with a GrizzlyStik 650 Test Pack. It comes with two GrizzlyStik arrows, matched to your bow, with a total weight of 650 grains. By testing this set up in advance - you will know how well these arrows fly for you before investing you the dozen or so arrows you'll want for your season.



(We have not given any specifics on hunting; bison, the big bears, eland, kudu, and other really BIG big game - the arrow and broadhead recommendations are identical.)


Moose stats:

Type: Cervid

Diet: Herbivore

Average life span in the wild:
15-25 years

Shoulder Height:
4.6–6.9 ft
(1.4–2.1 m)

8–10 feet
(2.4–3.2 m) long

800–1,500 lb (380–700 kg)



The Sound of GrizzlyStik Success

Pope & Young 228 5/8" Alaskan Monarch

"Shot the moose at 5 yards with a 850 grain GrizzlyStik arrow and an Maasai broadhead. Arrow was in lodged in the opposite shoulder. Thanks for helping make me so successful."
 Jason Bryan


"I wish more guys would bring heavier arrows and heavier arrow heads.  I think it would make my job easier." - PH Jason Bridger of Tholo Safari's discusses how the 650 grain GrizzlyStik system performs on African plains game.




Alaska Brown Bear with a 700 grain GrizzlyStik
Momentum arrow tipped with a Monarch 200 Broadhead



SCI - Houston Chapter President Oscar Taylor and his big bison taken with a GrizzlyStik Silver Flame double bevel broadhead.

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