Bowhunting Cape Buffalo, the Big Bovines & Giraffe.




"I just returned from a hunt in South Africa where I took a Cape Buffalo with the GrizzlyStik setup, and it performed flawlessly.  I was able to get a 15 yard shot, and had a complete pass through.  The buffalo ran 10 yards after I shot, turned in a circle and stumbled another 5 yards before falling over.

I am attaching a picture of the buffalo and want you to know how appreciative and impressed I am with the entire process of getting set up for the hunt and with the results.  I will be using that very same arrow and broadhead again on another hunt!" Thank you again, Matt Kidwell

Matt was shooting a 950 grain Momentum 240 tipped with a forged Ashby 315 broadhead from a 70# bow. The arrow carried an impressive 28% FOC (forward of center) balance point.


Cape buffalo are big, bad, and highly dangerous. For that reason, many bowhunters dream of the day they finally draw back on Black Death.

Cape buffalo are one of the most sought after animals of the "Big Five". Depending where you book your hunt, the actual hunt might be on foot spot and stalk, or you may hunt from a 'hide' and have the chance to pick and choose your buffalo as they come in to the water hole.

Video and Post-mortem of a complete arrow and broadhead - frontal - penetration.

950 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum 170 and Ashby broadhead 



Both Cape and Asiatic buffalo have massive, some overlapping - ribs that defy most arrow and broadhead set-ups. It's darn tough to get an arrow into the goodies. As a matter of fact, many concessions refuse to allow any bowhunting for Cape buffalo at all. 


Cut away of Asiatic Buffalo front shoulder to show the rib defense bowhunters are up against.

Why? Well, many of them have seen the light fast set-ups with what appeared to be sufficient Kinetic Energy values - bounce off. Yep, we've heard many stories from PH's of arrows actually bouncing off Cape buffalo.

You may have heard us say it before but we need to keep pounding the point - kinetic energy values do not tell the story of what you can expect in penetration. The best number for that is your 'momentum' factor. Unlike the static measurement of Kinetic Energy, Momentum is in motion and has a direction...

For Cape Buffalo you need a tough, heavy arrow like the GrizzlyStik Momentum depending on your bow weight, and solid one-piece forged, razor sharp - single bevel broadheads like our GrizzlyStik Ashby or our GrizzlyStik Nanook single bevel broadheads. We recommend a minimum of 950 grains. (Weight of complete fletched arrow with broadhead.)


Use Enough Gun ~ Robert Ruark

The same principles apply in bowhunting.  Use enough arrow and even if things go wrong (a high shot in this case) you give yourself the highest chance of lethal penetration. Ashby broadhead on a FMJ.



We highly recommend that you start with a GrizzlyStik 950 Test Pack. It comes with two GrizzlyStik arrows, matched to your bow, with a total weight of 950 grains. By testing this set up in advance - you will know how well these arrows fly for you before investing you the dozen or so arrows you'll want for your hunt.



There are many factors involved in achieving optimum arrow performance. We have outlined them in an article called, the Top Twelve Penetration Enhancing Factors. Read it and you'll have a good understanding of what is important for optimum penetration and you'll understand why the GrizzlyStik System works so well.

If you'd like to dig into the science of arrow lethality we've posted all of Dr. Ashby's reports here. They're deep and detailed, but fascinating.



Cape Buffalo, the "Black Death" of Africa's Big Five.



Cape Buffalo vitals are protected well by formidable and sometimes overlapping ribs. When you shoot, plan on hitting a rib. There is a sweet spot where shoulder blade and leg bone angle forward - but be careful, those two bones are massive and will stop most arrows. Fortunately, with the GrizzlyStik System you'd still have a chance even if you hit one of them because we can split big bones.





Cape Buffalo stats:

Type: Bovine

Diet: Herbivore

Average life span in the wild: 15-25 years

Shoulder Height: 3.3 to 5.6 ft (1 to 1.7 m)

Length: 5.6 to 11 (1.7 to 3.4 m) feet long

Weight: 1,100 to 2,200 lb (500 to 1000 kg) 5,000 to 14,000 lbs (2,268 to 6,350 kg)





Check out the pictures below - they show what kind of performance you can expect from GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows and razor sharp GrizzlyStik single bevel broadheads.

See our Cape Buffalo trophy room filled with testimonials, pictures, post-mortems and videos of GrizzlyStik bowhunters and their Cape buffalo trophies.





What Ashby broadheads can do for you. Cape Buffalo shoulder with
the damage from the Ashby broadhead. John Sherman



Congratulations to John Sherman and this Cape buffalo bull he took with a GrizzlyStik 315 grain forged Ashby broadhead on a GrizzlyStik Momentum 240 full length tapered carbon arrow. Total weight = 950 grains.

John shared a bit of the story with us: "I found the GrizzlyStik high FOC arrows in 950 grains through my PH Hein Lottering of Dries Vissers Safaris. He recommended the Ashby 315 grain broadhead for my buffalo hunt.

After speaking with Garrett about the Ashby broadheads and a healthy discussion of arrow physics. I also ordered some 950 grain test arrows. My set up was complete: the right bow, arrows and broadheads. I was able to tune my MR5 Monster out to 40 yds with the 950 grain Ashby tipped arrow with 90 ft-lb of KE and .90 momentum. I have a 27' draw length so the right set up was a concern that soon went away.

My hunting party included two of my friends after Buffalo. They also set up using the GrizzlyStik 950 grain arrows tipped with Ashby broadheads. We all managed to get our Buffalos. Thanks Garrett, I appreciate your attention to detail and help in setting me and my friends up for a successful hunt."
John Sherman


Bill DiMercurio takes a frontal shot on a bull Giraffe with an Ashby broadhead



Here is a perfect example of the performance you can expect when shooting Ashby inspired setups. An Asiatic water buffalo taken with a 950 grain setup of GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and forged 315 grain Ashby broadheads.  


The GrizzlyStik System - our proven set-up for Cape Buffalo, Asiatic Buffalo, Giraffe, Scrub Bulls and Nilgai.


We have two arrows for Cape buffalo. For bows in the 70# range the GrizzlyStik Momentum 250 weighted to 950 grains is an excellent choice. Once you hit the mid to high 70's in bow weight you would move up to the GrizzlyStik Momentum 175. Because it has an ultra-stiff spine, (.175" deflection) this arrow can be shot from bows that are in excess of 100#. If you have a super-fast, high-energy bow from the mid 70's to 100#+, consider the Momentum 175. When weighted to 950 or more grains, both of these arrows are hard hitting marvels of penetration for Cape buffalo, that's why we call them the .375 H&H of bowhunting. 

To see our GrizzlyStik 950 grain Test Pack - Click Here

Dr. Ashby challenged us to make our arrows lighter and stiffer because then more weight can be added to the front to maximize ultra-forward of center percentages. The Momentum Nano 175 is about 100 grains lighter in mass weight and about 75 points stiffer than our Safari arrow, so you can add another 100 or even 200 grains to the front. By adjusting the internal weight adapters, you can achieve perfect arrow flight while increasing your forward of center percentage so your arrow can keep penetrating big animals like elephant once the heavy bone has been breached. 

KE and speed are very poor predictors of arrow penetration.....Momentum, Mass and FOC are the most important indicators. 

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