There is no better time to test GrizzlyStik broadheads than now!

The easiest way for any bowhunter to increase the penetration they're getting on big game is to switch to GrizzlyStik broadheads. They're tough and super sharp right out of the package. They've taken big game all around the world from whitetails to elk, bison to eland, and over a thousand Cape buffalo and scores of elephant. 

GrizzlyStik broadheads have earned a reputation for complete pass-throughs at almost any angle.

Our broadheads have split elephant ribs, taken Cape buffalo and Asiatic water buffalo through the shoulder blades, and given elk hunters in North America the confidence of knowing that even if they hit a shoulder blade - as long as they have the right single bevel broadhead and enough mass weight in their set-up, they can get through all the bones of an elk for good clean lethal penetration.

What’s the best way to get the best penetration possible from your arrows – right now – fast and easy? 

Shoot GrizzlyStik broadheads!

Real World Case Studies - Real World Results

"I don't think this has probably been done TOO many times, Eh?" - 
Bowhunters don't hunt for plywood, 55 gallon drums or plastic water bottles. So why would we judge a broadheads penetration against any of these targets?

It's foolhardy to attempt to extrapolate real world broadhead performance from testing conducted against inanimate objects. This especially holds true when hunting big game with thick hide, dense muscle and heavy bone.

Over the past decade, GrizzlyStik has elected to test our broadheads under real hunting conditions, against the world's biggest game. To us, that's the only way to truely show testing performance.



GrizzlyStik’s tough cut-on-contact broadheads are razor sharp right from the package - they’re proven performers on everything from whitetails to elephant – and they’re deadly accurate. 

Let’s face it, at some point nearly everyone shooting light fast set-ups experiences surprisingly poor penetration. Too often that poor penetration cost them an animal they worked hard to get a shot opportunity on. It’s a lesson hard learned…

If you've been wanting better penetration from your bowhunting set-up - If you've been looking to up your game but haven’t taken the time...

If you want the best possible performance from your arrows – shoot GrizzlyStik broadheads – It’s that simple.

GrizzlyStik broadheads are available in grain weights that can match your current set-up making the transition easy.

We’ve got them in: 100 grains, 125 grains, 150 grains, 200 grains, and 315 grains.

Don’t wait – test GrizzlyStik broadheads today!

Don’t risk losing another animal to poor broadhead performance – order your test pack of GrizzlyStik broadheads today!


GrizzlyStik Broadhead Reviews from Africa's Bowhunter Magazine 
- Hunting Editor, Cleve Cheney

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