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Cheatin’ Death Again” - The third and final Alaska Bowhunting Supply/GrizzlyStik posters was commissioned in 2008 to be created by outdoor artist Dan Burr. Upon returning from any hunting/fishing trip, the late GrizzlyStik founder and registered Alaska guide Ed Schlief could be quoted saying “Cheated Death Again.” 

This is big adventure, a captivating moment frozen in time… Heavily loaded and risking all, two adventurous bowhunters run the rapids back to camp. The tension is high, no one speaks, each knowing what he has to do. With grim determination they battle the waves, maneuvering through the big chute. One wrong move and they could lose it all. The Alaskan wilderness teaches hard lessons, make a mistake and you can die. Danger is nothing new to these two, they’ve faced it before.

If they make it back to camp this day, they’ll be "Cheatin’ Death Again."

The poster has our original Alaska Bowhunting Supply (non-working) company address and phone number.

“Cheatin’ Death Again” is printed on 18” x 24”, 100 pound glossy paper and is suitable for framing, laminating or simply nailing it to the wall of your hunting cabin or Man cave.

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