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 shooting at Whitetails & START shooting through them!

If you or any of your hunting partners are having issues with poor arrow & broadhead performance on Whitetails, it's time to TEST to the GrizzlyStik TDT System

 - PodCast w/GrizzlyStik -  

Journal of Mountain Hunting
w/GrizzlyStik President Garrett Schlief

Kifaru Cast 

on Synder - w/Dr. Ed Ashby

Journal of Mountain Hunting
Setting the FOC-ing Record Straight 
w/Dr. Ashby & Garrett Schlief

BareBow Hunter's

Todd Smith from GrizzlyStik dicussing the
Ashby Reports, arrows & broadheads

Live To Hunt & Fish
w/GrizzlyStik President Garrett Schlief


950 grain GrizzlyStik System

Pass-Through on Cape Buffalo
Down in 25 Seconds

950 grain GrizzlyStik System

"Full Pump Job" on Asiatic Buffalo
Down in 28 Seconds

Elephant with one arrow - 1250 grain GrizzlyStik 
Momentum 170 and Ashby Broadhead - 29% FOC

Alaska Brown Bear with a 700 grain GrizzlyStik
Momentum arrow and Monarch 200 Broadhead

The GrizzlyStik system: GrizzlyStik single bevel forged Ashby broadheads and GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered carbon arrows are a lethal system for big game hunting.

When you want to put your game down fast and for keeps - Go with GrizzlyStik.

When your guide, PH, or outfitter recommends GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads - Trust Your Guide & Trust GrizzlyStik.


GrizzlyStik 650 system completely
passes through an Alaska Peninsula 
Brown Bear.

GrizzlyStik Momentum 170
Ashby Broadhead Complete frontal 
penetration on Cape Buffalo.

PH Jason Bridger of Tholo Safari's discusses 
the GrizzlyStik 650 system on plains game.

#9 Pope & Young Alaskan Moose with
GrizzlyStik system and Maasai Broadhead.

This video checks off the three of the GrizzlyStik guiding principles. First, we feel a deep responsibility to quickly and ethically put down the animals hunted with our gear. Second, is to help make guides and PH’s jobs easier (arrow penetration) and finally to deliver success for our customers that place their trust in GrizzlyStik.

“I recommended my client Alan Maiss get in touch with you and get your GrizzlyStik system of arrows and broadheads for his hunt with us at Southern Cross Safaris. Alan is 76 years young and he wanted to hunt a Cape Buffalo on this trip. He was struggling to pull 60# so we switched him to a used a PSE Premonition set at 50#. Shooting a 750 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with 200 grain Maasai broadhead, Alan got a shot opportunity at 17 yards. Shooting only a 50# draw, he got 24” of arrow penetration.” – PH Chris Cawood of Southern Cross Safaris

Unmatched Performance & Success
on the African Dangerous 7

2019 SCI ~ January 9 - 12 ~ Booth #5111
The Only Bowhunting Equipment Exhibitor

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2019 DSC ~ January 17 - 20 ~ Booth #2428

The Only Bowhunting Equipment Exhibitor
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