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Arrow & Broadhead Penetration Research

NEW 2019 UPDATE - Ashby's Top 12 Arrow Penetration Enhancing Factors


Ashby's Top 12 Arrow Penetration Enhancing Factors

Dr. Ed Ashby Getting an Edge on Success

Ashby Broadhead Study

Ashby on Single Bevel Broadheads

Ashby On EFOC (Extreme Forward of Center)

Ashby Ultimate Hunting Arrows

Ashby On Momentum, Kinetic Energy, & Arrow Penetration

Ashby On Broadhead Performance

Ashby's Arrow Lethality Results In Graph Form

Papua New Guinea Bows and Arrows Study


Video: Dr. Ashby Seminar - 2012 Kalamazoo Traditional Bowhunters Expo

Video: Dr. Ashby Seminar - 2013 Pope & Young Convention

What a 950 grain, High FOC arrow can do with an Ashby 315 broadhead on the front.

Ashby On Arrow Lethality Part 1
The Need for Knowledge

Ashby On Arrow Lethality Part 2
Broadheads - The Natal Study

Ashby On Arrow Lethality Part 3
Turning "Hits" into"Kills"

Ashby On Arrow Lethality Part 4
The Physics of Arrow Penetration

Ashby On Arrow Lethality Part 5
Predicting Arrow Penetration on Real Animals


Ashby 2008 Update Part 1
Heavy Bone Threshold

Ashby 2008 Update Part 2
Commonly Used Arrows

Ashby 2008 Update Part 3
Arrow Force and The Heavy Bone Threshold

Ashby 2008 Update Part 4
Threshold of Arrow Mass

Ashby 2008 Update Part 5
Meaningful Arrow Comparisons

Ashby 2008 Update Part 6
Quantifing Arrow FOC on Penetration

Ashby 2008 Update Part 7
Ultra-EFOC and Arrow Shaft Structural Integrity

Dr. Ashby with the Ashby Award for Bowhunting Excellence.
The Award is given away anunally through the Houston chapter of SCI.

Ashby 2007 Update Part 1
Will it Ever End?

Ashby 2007 Update Part 2

 Ashby 2007 Update Part 3
Testing Internal Footings

 Ashby 2007 Update Part 4
Establishing a Baseline

 Ashby 2007 Update Part 5
Extreme FOC's Demonstrated Advantage

 Ashby 2007 Update Part 6
Current Broadhead Testing

 Ashby 2007 Update Part 7
Angle of Attack

 Ashby 2007 Update Part 8
Penetration is Paramount

 Ashby 2007 Prologue
Understanding FOC

Ashby 2005 Update Part 1
roadhead Tip Design and Edge Bevels

Ashby 2005 Update Part 2
Weight Forward of Center (FOC)

Ashby 2005 Update Part 3
Broadhead Performance Update

Ashby 2005 Update Part 4
Buffalo Arrows

Ashby 2005 Update Part 5
Summary Overview: Trends, Tendencies, FAQ’s and Comments

Ashby 2005 Update Part 6
The Heavy Bone Threshold

Is it any shock?  Dr. Ashby's rifle caliber of choice while working as a Professional Hunter in Zimbabwe - the .500 Nitro Express shooting 600 grain solids.

Ashby 2004 Update Part 1
Testing 66 Different Types/Styles/Configurations of Broadheads

Ashby 2004 Update Part 2
Data Relative to Arrow Shafting, Shot Placement and Shooting Angles


Ashby 1987 Part 1
Broadhead Performance

Ashby 1987 Part 2
Broadhead Performance Continued
Ashby 1987 Part 3
Broadhead Performance Continued

Ashby 1987 Part 4
Broadhead Performance Continued

 Ashby 1987 Part 5
Broadhead Performance Continued

PODCAST with Dr. Ashby

Live to Hunt & Fish Podcast with Dr. Ed Ashby and GrizzlyStik President Garrett Schlief

Journal of Mountain Hunting - PODCAST 
Setting the FOC-ing Record Straight 
with Dr. Ashby & Garrett Schlief

Kifaru Cast - PODCAST 
on Synder - with Dr. Ed Ashby


Here is a perfect example of the performance you can expect when shooting Ashby inspired systems. An Asiatic water buffalo taken with a 950 grain setup of GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and forged 315 grain Ashby broadheads.  


If you bowhunt, we strongly recommend supporting all the good (free) work the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation does for the advancment of arrow & broadhead lethality research.

Disclaimer! Dr. Ed Ashby graciously allowed us to use his name on the Ashby broadhead with one condition. He insisted that we make it clear to our customers that he receives no compensation for the use of his name on our broadhead whatsoever. His goal is to educate the world on what kinds of arrows and broadheads best penetrate big game animals. He receives no compensation for any of his research but shares the results freely. He wants to educate bowhunters everywhere on what works best on big game animals so the animals may be harvested in the most efficient manner possible. It's actually more about the animal than the bowhunter. We all owe a great debt to Dr. Ashby for his significant contribution to bowhunting.


From all of us at GrizzlyStik... 

Thank You Dr. Ed Ashby!