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What is your opinion of the EZV-Sight?



EZV Sight - The World’s First Bowhunting Sight
Troy Fowler - Ashby Foundation member
The Ranch Fairy - You Tube

1. Precision Shot Placement - no range finder
2. Immediate Target Acquisition
3. Eliminates Target Panic
4. No pins for those of us with tired / older eyes

The EZV bowhunting sight uses a vertical “V” shaped algorithm calculated for the actual speed of your arrow. The package includes multiple “V”’s that are removable. Pop in the one matching your bow. Each insert is in 10 FPS (Feet Per Second) increments. When you first shoot the sight, shoot the faster insert. So if your bow shoots 274 - shoot the 280 - initially.

So how does it work? Put simply, you gap an animals vitals in the “V” and at any distance the picture you see is the same. If it is close, you’re in the top of the “V”, further away, you will raise your bow, place the animals vitals into the “V” and shoot. I call it “instinctive reference”. Your brain learns to see a certain amount of the target, literally meat, in the “V” and you shoot. Accurate to within 1.5 yards on any animal. I’ve shot it stalking, from treestands, and a bunch of times at the 3-D range. It’s definitely a game changer in hunting situations.

2019 begins my 3rd season shooting the EZV Sight. My initial searches around the internet sought a solution in dynamic hunting situations, mostly spot and stalk, but in any situation where animals move inconsistently (which is most of the time). I kept getting in a jam trying to grab a rangefinder, slide my slider, put rangefinder somewhere, attach my release and then all of a sudden the animal moves 5 steps. If that is a bull elk? He moves 10 yards. I bow hunt pigs - all year. They never stop moving. Rutting Midwest whitetails working through a woodplot, same situation, they move by and keep going. The designer, Aaron Lasco, lives in Montana. Elk are his thing. He found a solution.

Finally, I have significant target panic. I’ve gone through multiple efforts to eliminate this problem. My brain absolutely hates seeing something (the pin or multiple pins on a very fast bow) blocking the intended point of impact. With the EZV, you see through the V and the arrow in flight. Solved it for me.

Give the EZV Sight a shot - see Aaron’s website www.EZVsight.com for instructional videos and contact either one of us with questions.

Troy Fowler


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