GrizzlyStik's - FAQ Page

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. This is where we'll answer the questions we get most often from our customers. Feel free to email us any you'd like to see here and we'll get them posted as soon as we can. 

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Arrow Performance FAQ's

What are the top 12 penetration enhancing factors?

How do I calculate forward of center? (FOC)

How do I calculate KE vs Momentum?

What is an Arrow Slug?

How do I measure to find my arrow length BOP (Cut Length)?

How can I get my arrows to fly like darts?

Why is momentum more important to arrow penetration than kinetic energy?

Why is it harder for faster projectiles to penetrate than slower projectiles?

How can I tell right wing from left wing fletching?

Where can I read the all Ashby Reports?

GrizzlyStik Arrow FAQ's

Where can I find GrizzlyStik arrow safety information?

What's the difference between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows?

Do I HAVE to shoot 650 grains?

What are the grains per inch on GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows?

How do I know what size (spine) GrizzlyStik arrows I should order?

What kind of total arrow weight can I expect from the various GrizzlyStik full length tapered carbon arrows?

Why aren't my GrizzlyStik arrows penetrating deeper into my foam target?

What target do you recommend for GrizzlyStik arrows?

What does the Easton Sr. Engineer have to say about the taper arrow design?

How do I turn off my Glory Nocks?



GrizzlyStik Broadhead & Field Point FAQ's 


What is the main difference between the Black Label & OVERKILL broadheads?

How can I tell right bevel from left bevel broadheads?

How do single bevels shatter bone?

Do vented broadheads make noise in flight?

Do you sell extra blades, screws, or ferrules for your 2-piece GrizzlyStik broadheads?

Will GrizzlyStik broadheads fit my Easton Deep Six arrows?

What's the diameter of your field points?


Bow Tuning FAQ's



How should I tune my bow to my GrizzlyStik arrows and tune my GrizzlyStik arrows to my bow? (Video)

Do you have any recommendations on the different techniques to tune my bow?

Do you have any suggestions on sights and tips for sighting in 650-grain (or heavier) arrows at longer distances?

What is your opinion of the EZV Sight?



GrizzlyStik General FAQ's



Are you giving any seminars this year?

Do you have any gear suggestions for hunting coastal Alaska?