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Dustin Neal - Neal & Brownlee

"My name is Dustin Neal with Neal & Brownlee and also Hunting in the Heartland TV. I went over to South Africa this last July and I took the GrizzlyStik arrows and Ashby broadheads for Cape buffalo. I shot a kudu with it, and a zebra. The buffalo - I shot him from 22 yards. The arrow went in and lodged on the opposite shoulder. That buffalo didn't go 90-yards. Ran 90-yards, and went down. We went in and put an insurance shot in through the chest and it came out through the spine - the broadhead was sticking out past the spine about six inches!

Those arrows! I am very impressed with. For dangerous game and all these tough African animals - thick bones and stuff - Those GrizzlyStik arrows are the way to go. They will kill whatever you want to hunt."
Dustin Neal, Neal & Brownlee and Hunting in the Heartland TV

Dustin Neal is the founder & executive producer of Hunting in the Heartland TV

Dustin is from Oklahoma and was brought up eating, sleeping, and breathing hunting since the early age of three with his father and worldwide booking agent, Jeff C. Neal. Now at the age of 31, Dustin has hunted and guided all over the world, from Bears in Alaska to Elephant in Botswana. Formally an Assistant PH in Africa, Dustin is a jack of all trades when it comes to hunting.

Hunting in the Heartland TV is where passion meets experience. This show brings together experts from every aspect of the hunting industry to create an action packed viewer experience that is unrivaled by existing network television. We take the viewer on adventures to some of the most remote and exciting areas of the globe to hunt the world’s most elusive species. The show’s stars are some of your average people who grew up with hunting running through their veins taking you on your not so average hunts.

Neal & Brownlee

Hunting in the Heartland TV

GrizzlyStik Success with Neal & Brownlee



Dustin Neal hunted with Greg Harvey of Hunting in the Heartland TV and used a 950 grain GrizzlyStik arrow and Nanook Broadhead to take his Cape Buffalo.





















Bowhunter Jason Bryan had a fantastic safari this year. He sent us some pictures but no details yet other than he was shooting GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and forged GrizzlyStik Ashby broadheads.



Congratulations to Jason Bryan on this Eland he took with a GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 arrow and GrizzlyStik Ashby single bevel broadhead.





Congratulations to Jason Bryan on this impressive Sable he took with a GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 arrow and GrizzlyStik Ashby single bevel broadhead. 

"This Sable will go #9 with a bow. I shot it facing away from me at 54 yards, hit it in the back right hip and the arrow came out through the front left shoulder. That arrow was hanging 80% out when it ran off. Now that is penetration!" Jason Bryan