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Botswana, Africa

Jason Bridger - Tholo Safaris

Jason Bridger had just taken Cameron Mitchell, one of our special bowhunting friends, on a plains game safari. Cameron used our full length tapered GrizzlyStik arrows tipped with our ultra-sharp, cut on contact GrizzlyStik Maasai broadheads. His total arrow weight including broadheads was about 650 grains. He got complete pass throughs on all his animals and his PH was very impressed. This is what he had to say...

"Those broadheads - It's been really impressive you know. Those nice heavy broadheads on top of a nice heavy arrow - I mean everything we've shot has just passed straight through.

I've been quite shocked actually - I've been very impressed.

A lot of guys, I think they don't realize how big bodied these African animals are. You're not going to get every shot in the right spot you know. So when there's a bit of bone in the way, to have a two bladed broadhead that, you know I think, if you hit that bone it will glance and go in the right direction.

On a small animal like the springbok I have no hesitation in just saying take that shot slightly quartering towards, that think aught to punch straight through that shoulder blade.

It's been... overall I'm impressed it's a good set-up. I wish more guys would bring heavier arrows and heavier arrow heads. It would make my job easier.

It would also make the trackers... they wouldn't need as much exercise. They could sit around longer and track less."
Jason Bridger - Tholo Safaris

Tholo Safaris

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Cameron Mitchell of Grand Slam Club/Ovis used a 650 grain GrizzlyStik 18 arrow package with Maasai broadheads for his Botswana Safari.