GrizzlyStik Bone Breaking Videos


It's one thing for us to tell you about how our single bevel broadheads can split bone - how they can blow right through them so the arrow can keep penetrating... It's a whole new ball game when we can show you. Check out the videos below. (We'll make more when we can get more bone. It's not easy to get big moose bones like the ones we destroy in the video.)

You're going to see arrows blowing through moose and caribou scapulas, moose and caribou femurs, and more. All of these shots were taken with a 70# Bowtech Destroyer - and be warned...

You're not going to believe what you see. Seriously, when you use our GrizzlyStik full length tapered arrows and our single bevel broadheads, you're using a system that can't be beat. Bones don't stand a chance. With the GrizzlyStik System - you'll won't worry about getting enough penetration. All that's left for you - is concentrating on the shot.

The GrizzlyStik system give you the confidence that if you do your part, your arrow and broadhead will do theirs. Even if you hit bone. It doesn't get any better than that!

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I want to know the science behind this stuff! I want to read the Ashby Reports.

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Check out the videos below for some pretty cool bone busting...