GrizzlyStik, German Kinetics, and Silver Flame® Broadheads


GrizzlyStik Silver Flame® broadheads are "a cut above" the original German Kinetic Silver Flame in materials, craftsmanship, sharpness, durability and overall production quality. We know - that's not a marketing claim. GrizzlyStik has distributed and/or sold the vast majority of all German Kinetic worldwide production. We have only improved on the Silver Flame formula and currently produce an even finer broadhead then our predecessor.


From the moment German Kinetics owner, Markus offered them for sale in the United States, GrizzlyStik recognized the quality of German Kinetics Silver Flame broadheads.
It didn't take long for GrizzlyStik to become the largest supplier of German Kinetics Silver Flame broadheads in the United States. Silver Flame broadheads, so impressive on really large game, went hand in hand with GrizzlyStik full-length tapered carbon arrows. GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows were quickly becoming the go-to arrow of choice for: elephant, cape buffalo, giraffe, hippo, asiatic water buffalo and anything else really big, and Silver Flame broadheads were the obvious choice to go with them. With so many bowhunters traveling to Africa and other countries after BIG BIG game, sales were booming.


There was, however, a problem... German Kinetics could not keep up with demand. Silver Flame broadheads were always on back order and the end result was that many bowhunters had to find an alternative broadhead to take to Africa. Many times, the alternative broadhead contributed to a disappointing hunt. Bowhunters, and lots of them, needed arrows and broadheads that were up to the rigours of hunting the largest of game in the planet.


The single bevel phenomenon... Seeing the results of German Kinetic's Silver Flame broadheads and discussing the advantages that single bevel broadheads have over double bevel broadheads with Dr. Ed Ashby, led GrizzlyStik to approach German Kinetics to see if they would consider manufacturing them line of single bevel broadheads. German Kinetics had no interest in making single bevel broadheads for GrizzlyStik. They felt that the Silver Flame was all the broadhead anyone needed and since they couldn't keep up with the demand for the broadheads they already manufactured, they declined to manufacture single bevel broadheads for GrizzlyStik.


Progress marches on... Knowing that the single bevel broadheads would perform better than the Silver Flame broadheads in all circumstances and under all conditions, GrizzlyStik pursued finding someone else to manufacture a line of single bevel heads for them. With no manufacturing contacts in Germany or all of Europe for that matter they turned to the United States. For months they tried every lead they could find, but no one was able to come through for them. Eventually, through much trail and error they found an excellent overseas manufacturer who now makes the best quality broadheads GrizzlyStik has ever seen. Now that GrizzlyStik was a broadhead manufacturer, other doors opened for them. Today GrizzlyStik offers four lines of single bevel broadheads: the Ashby, the Nanook, the Maasai, and the Samurai.


German Kinetics for sale... Since German Kinetics could not keep up with demand, and due to other issues, Markus finally agreed to sell the Silver Flame world-wide manufacturing and distribution rights to GrizzlyStik. Both parties agreed that no contract would be signed until Markus was satisfied that GrizzlyStik was manufacturing the broadheads to his quality expectations. German Kinetics supplied the CAD's and GrizzlyStik had the new Silver Flame broadheads built to the specifications on the CAD drawings they received from German Kinetics. It took a while, but finally Markus, satisfied with the quality, signed the contract. Fantastic, GrizzlyStik now owned the Silver Flame broadhead brand.


Great news! GrizzlyStik announced to the world that they would be manufacturing and distributing Silver Flame broadheads around the world. For the first time ever, Silver Flame broadheads were readily available. Sales continued to grow, and why not? Silver Flame broadheads are excellent broadheads.


Change of heart... It appears as though German Kinetics has had a change of heart, and the buzz is that Markus intends to make his own version of the Silver Flames once again. This was not happy news for GrizzlyStik, but we wanted to make a public statement so anyone who might hear of this situation would have a place to find the back story.


GrizzlyStik Official Stance

The quality of Silver Flame broadheads manufactured by GrizzlyStik is second to none. We know, over the years we sold over 70% of all the German Kinetic heads that were ever producted. GrizzlyStik now uses a higher grade of steel than the 440B originally used by German Kinetics. We have in this way, among other things, improved the edge retention and overall strength of Silver Flame broadheads. We use only cutlery grade 440C stainless steel. This 440C is manufactured in Japan and is overwhelmingly regarded in the cutlery world as a superior steel to 440B. Silver Flame broadheads made by GrizzlyStik, are better than ever.


The GrizzlyStik Silver Flame has an unmatched record of success.

GrizzlyStik has a signed contract authorizing them as the exclusive manufacturer of Silver Flame broadheads. We have trademarked the name, "Silver Flame", and we will vigorously defend our right to the exclusive use of the Silver Flame name. We will continue to offer the Silver Flame because it is an excellent broadhead and enjoys such a loyal following. We do feel however that our single bevel broadheads are superior in performance on all big game because of the single bevel's advantage of rotational force and other factors as outlined in the research of Dr. Ed Ashby. (Click here to view Dr. Ashby's research.)


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