Here at GrizzlyStik - our passion is manufacturing arrows and broadheads that give bowhunters their best chance of success on all big game in all situations.

With our GrizzlyStik system - of full length tapered arrows and super sharp, tough-as-nails broadheads - we have built our reputation of success on customer testimonials, pictures and videos. 

We choose not to retain a pro staff 
or paid spokespeople.  

Instead - GrizzlyStik has an abundance of something that is far more authoritative - testimonials from some of the world's most successful bowhunters, bowhunting guides and professional hunters (PH's). 

The sheer volume and range of testimonials for GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead performance is unmatched. These are real stories, pictures and videos from retail customers, bowhunting outfitters, registered guides and PH's that trust GrizzlyStik 
for their bowhunting success.


Click images below for GrizzlyStik bowhunting testimonials & success photos.

Guide & PH Testimonials

Customer Testimonials


GrizzlyStik Success Videos
Elephant & Hippo

Cape Buffalo - Black Death

Water Buffalo, Nilgai & Feral Cattle

African Plains Game

Lion, Leopard, Cougar

Brown, Black & Polar Bear

Moose & Bison

Elk & Stag

Whitetail, Blacktail & Mule Deer

Arctic Big Game

Mountain Big Game

Wild Boar & Hogs

Game Birds
Other Big Game

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