GrizzlyStik Testimonials

Welcome to the GrizzlyStik success pages. Take your time and enjoy browsing these photographs of bowhunters who know the satisfaction of hunting hard with GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads. 

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We love it when our bowhunting friends share their successes with us and bowhunters around the world enjoy looking though bowhunting success pictures like these.





Derek Gentile

"Anyone who is a serious bowhunter owes it to themselves to try a heavier arrow/broadhead setup. It will change the way you think about speed bows forever! I am a true believer in Dr, Ashby's theory and the fine product these guys are putting out after consecutive kills on Brown Bear, Elk and Whitetail. What a season and I still have a few months of Whitetail hunting in my home state of Michigan."
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J.D. Drew

"That's when it dawned on me that the GrizzlyStik arrows and the GrizzlyStik broadheads were a system. I figured if I tried the heavier full length tapered GrizzlyStik arrows with their heavier single bevel broadheads I wouldn't have any more failures like I had with my lighter faster set-ups."
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Chase Lamborn

"When it comes to hunting big game, shooting a light arrow/broadhead setup is a gamble—even with a perfect shot. I’ve probably had worse luck than most people who have had the opportunity to shoot a big bull elk with a bow, but after losing two of them because of poor arrow penetration, I was determined to try something different. The story that follows is one of those experiences, and how the Grizzlystik setup compared."
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Michael Abell

"My arrows aren’t quite 650 grains, 624 to be exact. Close enough, I’m absolutely sold, because they absolutely work. But probably more important for me, they compensate for the excited little kid in me who tells me, “yeah you can make that shot, come on, you can do it”. Years ago, I would try to talk myself out of a less than optimal shot angle, now it’s no problem. With my GrizzlyStiks the vitals are now a WHOLE lot bigger. I won’t use anything else on big game ever again."
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Mick Cheshire

"Before my trip to Africa I shot Carbon Xpress 300's w/Slick Trick 125 broadheads. While researching bowhunting in Africa I read about using heavier arrows but that thinking was opposite to everything I had heard before. Then I tested heavy high FOC arrows... Since then we have had complete pass throughs on kudu, waterbuck, impala, sable, wildebeest, and nyala We broke both shoulders on the waterbuck - broke the shoulder of the kudu and piled up the eland with in 80 yards These set ups have been amazing."
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Jeremy Johnson

"When it comes to hunting big game, shooting a light arrow/broadhead setup is a gamble—even with a perfect shot. Back when I hunted with a 400 grain arrows and replaceable blade heads I had concerns about the effectiveness of those set-ups. I tried them all, light, medium and heavy. At the end of the day, if it's success you’re after, you can't do better than a 650 grain arrow with some quality steel up front."
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Steve Rucinski

"Too many people feel, if it's not broke don't fix it but sometimes that is actually when to break it. You may just find out it was kinda broken all along...

I’m now set on GrizzlyStik FOC arrows and Maasai broadheads. I believe this is a huge reality for many whitetail only hunters, they will always want speed to some degree. My Whitetail setup is proof positive that you really can get the best of all worlds here!"
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Luke Johnson

"I was shooting a 73# compound and a 425 grain arrow. ...the broadhead entered low behind the shoulder and ended up clipping the spine. She dropped pretty much on the spot... but I wondered what would have happened if things had worked out differently. I just wasn't impressed by the poor penetration. Yes, my short draw length leaves me a little short-changed in the arrow speed department, but I still expected better performance while shooting a “fast” bow."
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Todd Smith

"I shoot lightweight bows between 47# - 50#. That’s not a lot of power so I need the most effective arrows I can get. Since switching to 650 grain arrows with single bevel broadheads I have had complete broadhead penetration on every deer I’ve shot. It hasn’t always been that way..."
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"I would like to express my gratitude for your expert advice and superior products. After driving twelve hundred miles from Texas and hunting for hours on end I was blessed to take this 178 – 4/8” Non Typical Whitetail on an early season archery hunt in Michigan. I have to admit that the first time I was introduced to the effects of momentum verse kinetic energy I was skeptical, but it did make sense to me. I ordered the GrizzlyStik momentum arrow shafts and the test pack of field points and embarked on a three month test that confirmed to me that I have missed the boat for so many years. I went on this hunt with excitement and anticipation of how these arrows would perform. Once I found this deer I hunted all day from the stand with nothing but smaller bucks feeding up and down the hill side near me, when finally at last light he appeared at eighty yards on the hill side and worked his way within twenty six yards never leaving the security of the brush. At the last minute of shooting light after standing motionless for more than ten minutes staring directly my way he took that fatal step forward. The arrow passed directly through his front shoulder and exiting out the opposite rib cage on a quartering shot toward me. I found the arrow at the scene of the crime buried in the ground over half of the twenty nine and three eights inch length, a testimony to the mass amount of momentum that the grizzly stick carried. Garrett, I could not be more pleased with the performance of the GrizzlyStiks. GrizzlyStik has made me a customer for life. Thank you!" Jeff McCrary




Maasai broadheads are razor sharp!


From: "Bonehead" Subject: Maasai Broadheads are Sharp, Be Careful!

"Where is my bone head award?! I field tested the Maasai Broadheads  on human flesh. After shooting field points at my Glenndale deer target for about 15 minutes. I shot my Maasai at my block target and removed it in the same manner I remove my field points!!!!!! I pulled it threw my hand and back of the blade cut me to the bone! 6 stitches on my pinky finger. Never even felt it! Just knew it was cut bad. I should be good to go by the hunt!

Probably should have kept this to myself but knew you would get a kick out of it!

There will not be a follow-up test!!!!!!!"