GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT® (Thin Diameter Taper) Arrows



With GrizzlyStik full length tapered carbon arrows by Victory Archery - You're in control.


GrizzlyStik Momentum Black full length tapered carbon arrows. The most leathal arrows ever offered.


Light weight, medium weight, or heavy weight?

It's Your Set Up - It's Your Call!


GrizzlyStik teamed up with Victory Archery with one goal in mind - to create the most precise, adjustable, full length tapered arrow system ever made.

Whether you're after a light fast set up or a heavier bone splitting set up - the choice is now yours. With GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows you're in control, you decide how light or how heavy you want to go.

Not everyone is comfortable with shooting 650 grain arrows - even though they are proven to have what it takes to breach heavy bone.

There are many bowhunters who prefer to stay under 500 grains - with GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows now you can!

You can shoot the most advanced, thin diameter carbon arrows available and instantly see better penetration - even when you're not shooting GrizzlyStik broadheads.

GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows are more efficient than other arrows. They retain more energy from your bow and because of the stiffer, heavier front, they punch harder when they reach your target.

The built in FOC and the true tapered spine attributes ensure a more efficient broadhead delivery system!

The more efficient your arrows are - the harder they hit.

The easiest way to improve the penetration you get from your favorite broadheads - is to power them with GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows!




How light can I go?

Arrow Spine Arrow Weight 31.5" Point Weight Total Weight
400 373 100 473
320 419 100 519
240 448 100 548
170 551 100 651



How heavy can I go?


With the GrizzlyStik adjustable internal weight system - that we call TDT Brass Footing Weights - you can add as little or as much weight as you'd like! Which means, if you want to shoot arrows that can split bone, one arrow that can take all animals in North American and African plains game animals up to and including eland - then you would add enough weight to get to 650 grains. (Including broadheads.)

Folks going after larger animals like Cape buffalo and Asiatic water buffalo can add enough weight to get to 950 grains. (Including broadheads.)

Bowhunters going for elephant and hippo can add enough weight to get all the way to 1250 grains!

The GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrow system is the perfect choice for bowhunting all big game - all species anywhere in the world!

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