How do I know which GrizzlyStik arrows I should order?


The best way to figure this out for sure is to take advantage of one of our GrizzlyStik Test Packs. When you test two arrows of different spines you will know for sure which one shoots best for you, with you shooting, and from your bow. GrizzlyStik test packs can be found here: GrizzlyStik Arrow Testing

If you'd rather just order arrows based on your particular set-up keep reading...

Choosing the correct spine in an arrow for you and your set-up can be complex. There are many variables and each one is important when selecting the arrow spine you need to shoot.

The most important considerations when selecting the right arrow for your bow are: the draw weight of the bow, the total length of the arrow, and the total point weight of the broadhead and insert. (We call this the point-slug weight.)

Even though we compare our arrows to rifle calibers that’s not how to select the arrow you need. You simply choose the arrow with the spine (stiffness) that will fly best from your bow at your draw length, arrow length and with a specific point weight.

For example: The GrizzlyStik 250 is called the .375 H&H of bowhunting because most bowhunters are shooting them out of 65# – 75# compounds. When you combine the power of those bows with the GrizzlyStik Momentum 250 weighted to the optimum weight for the game you’re hunting, it can take almost any big game animal on the planet.

Arrow selection depends on bow weight, total arrow length, and point-slug weight – Basic arrow selection guide is shown below:



GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT 170 arrows: Bow Weight = 70# - 100#+

GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT 240 arrows: Bow Weight = 60# - 80#

GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT 320 arrows: Bow Weight = 50# - 70#

GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT 400 arrows: Bow Weight = 40# - 60#



Many things have an effect on the way arrows fly from a given bow. The longer they are, the more they paradox when shot, the shorter they are the less they paradox. Arrows are not magical projectiles that leap from a bow flying perfectly to the target every time. They are however, projectiles and they will react to the shot consistently time and time again - you simply need to have the proper arrows matched to the bow and the bow adjusted to the arrows.

Many people looking for arrows just want to be told what is going to work for them. They do not care to, or do not have time to test for themselves. That's OK, but the ONLY way to know for sure if an a particular arrow is going to fly from you specific bow - with you shooting it, is to test it yourself.

Anyone can guess at what will fly well from your bow. If you want us to, we will give your our best guess at what will fly out of your bow for you - BUT, and this is the important part, - The more of the following information you can provide us with the more educated that guess will be. Meaning, the higher the odds are that the arrows you order will fly well from your bow with the least number of adjustments to your bow.

Note: Since our arrows are tapered you almost always need to raise your nocking point slightly.

Always the best strategy is to test for yourself and we are developing a new section of our website to help you with your own testing.

However - If you prefer to have us suggest an arrow for you to start with, that's fine. For the best results please have all the answers to the following questions ready before you call.



• What kind of bow are you shooting? (Compound, Recurve, Longbow)


• What is your draw length?


• What is the bow's draw weight - at your draw length?


• What arrow length are you shooting now?


• What is the spine of the arrows you are shooting now?


• What point weight are you shooting now?


• What point weight do you want to shoot?


• Are you targeting a particular total arrow and point weight?


• What animals are you planning to hunt with these arrows?




Thanks! Now make sure you let us know how everything works out for you. It's important to us that you end up with exactly the GrizzlyStik system you need for your success in bowhunting.

Our Tech Support Phone Number is: 1-541-639-3750

Best of luck on the hunt! Stalk softly and carry a big Stik. GrizzlyStik!