Tuning your bow



We provide tech support every day - doing our best to help bowhunters get perfect flight from their bows. But we can't see your bow, your rest, how you shoot, etc. It's up to you - the individual bowhunter to know how to tune your bow. We can assist you with basic tuning questions, but ultimately it you up to you to get your bow tuned to your arrows.

Many bowhunters just don't know how to set up their bows and how to tune them so on this page we provide links to websites and videos that can help you with tuning and setting up your bows.

If you're having trouble tuning your bows - check out the resources below - they're pretty good.


Traditional Bow - Arrow Tuning Basics



Special GrizzlyStik Tuning Article by Jeremy Johnson - Bowtech Prostaff Shooter

Bow Tuning & Set Up Basics














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Paper Tuning


French Tuning 


Traditional Tuning with Ken Beck