I want to try GrizzlyStik arrows - Do I HAVE to shoot 650 grains?


They're your arrows. Shoot what you want to. If you would rather shoot a lighter set-up with a flatter trajectory but still want all the advantages you get from GrizzlyStik full length tapered carbon arrows - by all means - shoot the weight you prefer.

You'll get excellent performance from our tapered arrows at any weight.


When all else is equal:
Full length tapered arrows out-perform parallel arrows in flight & penetration.


• Here's why we recommend 650 grains. It's the Heavy Bone Threshold.

• Bowhunters that switched to 650 grain GrizzlyStik set-ups share their success stories HERE.




Advantages of Full Length Tapered Arrows


1: Tests show that full length tapered arrows penetrate an average of 8% more than parallel arrows. (See #8 In Dr. Ashby's Report)


2: Spine Forward: Tapered arrows recover from archer's paradox faster because they are stiffest right behind the head.


3: Strength Forward: Tapered arrows are strongest right behind the head where it matters most.


4: Weight Forward: Tapered arrows have true built in FOC. (Forward of Center) (See Dr. Ashby's Report on FOC)


5: Reduced Impact Paradox: Because tapered arrows are stiffest at the front, they flex much less upon impact and drive straight through animals.


The bottom line: Full length tapered arrows outperform other arrows. GrizzlyStiks are the only full length tapered arrows on the market.

Sure we recommend shooting 650 grains, but if you don't want to go that heavy it's OK. Just changing to GrizzlyStik tapered arrows is going to up your game, and your performance.

Set yourself up for success - test some GrizzlyStik arrows today.