Spring Brown Bear hunting in SE Alaska with the 650 System 

GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT - Thin Diameter Tapered carbon arrows with built in FOC (Forward of Center) strength, accuracy, penetration, and trajectory.

GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT tapered arrows - We teamed up with Victory Archery with one goal - to make the best arrows for bowhunting we possibly could. 

Available in 170, 240, 320 and 400 for bows from 40# - 100# + (Depending on point slug weight and arrow length.)

These arrows had to incorporate all of our (GrizzlyStik's) required elements as well as those suggested by Victory Archery.

• Built using Mitsubishi 3K Woven Carbon - For unsurpassed structural integrity 

• A continuous .001"/inch taper from tip to tail - For built in FOC, Weight forward, Strength forward, and Spine Forward benefits 

• Tapered externally and parallel internally - Allows spine control & tuning by cutting from point or nock end 

• Thin diameter - thick walled, built on the .204" platform - For increased penetration performance and universal component compatibility 

• As light as possible - for total arrow weight versatility & control, and to optimize FOC 

• Include a tough in-outsert - To shore up the front of the arrow for hard bone-splitting hits 

• Built to precise tolerances - Making tuning, accuracy, consistency, and bow set-up a breeze 

• Include the Victory slick ICE coating - For better penetration on big game, and to minimize sticking in targets 

• Provide the highest FOC (Forward Of Center) Potential of any other arrow - Approx. 5% FOC even with no nock or insert!

Click Here For our Momentum TDT Arrow Weights & FOC Chart

Click Here for printable pdf charts of our Momentum TDT 170 and 240 Arrow Weights & FOC

Click Here for printable pdf charts of our Momentum TDT 320 and 400 Arrow Weights & FOC


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