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GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT®
Bare Shaft Test Pack



The GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT Bare Shaft Test Pack comes with:

♦  Two (2) un-fletched GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT shafts 

♦  Two (2) Bohning "A" white push-in tunable nocks or add lighted X nocks

♦  Two (2) standard GrizzlyStik 70 grain jacketed in-outserts

♦  Two (2) GrizzlyStik field points of your choosing

♦  You can add any (2) GrizzlyStik broadheads to test against field points

♦  Shaft cutting and insert installation services are included

Some bowhunters like to do what is is called bare shaft testing. When bare shaft testing you shoot un-fletched arrows (shafting).

Most folks start with full length arrows in a spine that they assume will be too weak when full length but will be perfectly tuned at some length before they reach the minimum arrow length they can shoot.

Bare shaft tuning is done by many traditional bow shooters - and if you REALLY want to fine tune your arrows to your bow this is a good method for that. (You can also adjust arrow flight by adjusting the weight of the point used. It will make the process easier if you already have a point weight in mind. But with the field point test pack you can test several. The option to add them to your order is listed above.)

There are many online forums that discuss bare shaft tuning. The Masters of the Longbow series Volume 2 has an excellent segment on bare shaft tuning by Ken Beck of Black Widow fame.

Bare shaft tuning takes some time and dedication but once you're tuned you KNOW your arrows are going to fly perfectly from your bow.

You do have the option of getting lighted nocks in your test arrows. Since they require our brass nock adapters and because lighted nocks cost more, there is an additional fee.



If you want to do your own bare shaft testing and need a hand selecting the shafts to test, give us a call at: 888-697-9828 and have the following information:


• What bow are you shooting?

• What weight are you shooting at your draw length?

• What is your draw length?

• What is your BOP arrow length? (Measured from the valley of the nock to the end of the arrow not including the point.)

• What arrows are you shooting now?

• What is the spine - or deflection of those arrows?

• What point weight are you shooting on them?


The information you give us will help us help you select the spine of the GrizzlyStik arrows you will end up testing.

Note: If you want us to suggest what might fly best for you, the more information you can give us the better. The final choice is yours and once arrows are cut to length, they are non-returnable.

We will then give you an educated guess on two arrows that we will cut to the same length as the arrows you are shooting now. We will probably suggest two arrows with a different spine so you can see first hand which one shoots the best from your bow with you shooting them.

Once we give you our suggestions, you can either order right then on the phone, or you can place your order online.


We've included some helpful information below so you can get the most from your GrizzlyStik testing experience.

Note: This is a special promotion - all sales are final.




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