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If you're new to our website, this is where you should start. There's a ton of information throughout the site, but this page dives right into what you might call our core values. 

♦   Dr. Ed Ashby's top 12 most important penetration enhancing factors.

♦   Learn why you should never use Kinetic Energy as an arrow penetration indicator.

♦   You'll find the truth about tissue resistance to arrow penetration. 

Our reports reveal the truth behind what it really takes for an arrow to harvest big game animals quickly, effectively, and ethically.


Warning! Reading these reports and watching this video will change
the way you look at arrow performance forever.


 The late GrizzlyStik founder & Alaskan registared guide Ed Schlief 
testing Dr. Ashby's Heavy Bone Threshold on moose bones in 2007


GrizzlyStik setting you up for successMany factors contribute to arrow performance. When it comes to arrows and broadheads - choose wisely or you may have to watch your trophy run off with your arrow because your set up didn't have what it takes to get good penetration. As bowhunters we work hard for every animal. No one wants to lose even one because of bad arrow/broadhead choices. 

You're about to learn the truth about arrow performance and arrow lethality. This truth we're talking about is backed by science, physics, and actual shots on big game. You may find it hard to believe, but how can you argue with facts?

Our reports are easy to read and understand. Most bowhunters don't care about the actual math and science behind research, we just want to know what works and what doesn't. We want to know that when we release an arrow, no matter what happens, we've selected gear with the highest likelihood of producing quick, clean kills.

Click on these links to see our reports, they're listed in the best reading order.

#1 - Top 12 Arrow Penetration Enhancing Factors

#2 - The Power of Momentum

#3 - Tissue Resistance to Arrow Penetration


with GrizzlyStik single bevel broadheads and full length carbon arrows, you can oncrease your odds of successThe information in the following reports helps bowhunters select equipment that sets them up for success rather than failure.

Once you understand what "really works" as compared to what just "works sometimes", we hope you'll join us in spreading the word.

Think about it... What if everyone hunted with the kind of equipment that gets the job done
even when things go wrong?

More animals would be harvested, and hardly any lost. No one feels good about hitting and losing an animal. That's why we need to spread the word, besides, it's the right thing to do.
Note: Our reports draw heavily on Dr. Ed Ashby's research and we're grateful to him for sharing his information. His tests were conducted as scientifically as possible under "in the field" conditions. The shear number of recorded shots and documented results make his findings undisputable. 

If you're interested in the actual scientific research behind the information presented in our reports, please refer to the
Dr. Ed Ashby section of our website.

Click on these links to see our reports, they're listed in the best reading order.


#1 - Top 12 Arrow Penetration Enhancing Factors

#2 - The Power of Momentum

#3 - Tissue Resistance to Arrow Penetration



Performance all bowhunters should expect......everytime. GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow at 650 grains total (24% FOC) tipped with a Silver Flame 200 XXL powered by a 70# bow. Full broadhead penetration after hitting the near-side scapula and then breaking the off-side humerus bone.

The 650 Grain Switch - "I got tired of making 'good' shots and getting mediocre arrow penetration. I work my ass off every sesson just too get into shot position. Workouts, shooting and scouting.....elk hunting is my passion and dealing with arrow failure can be completely heartbreaking.

Before I switched to the 650 system, I'd lost bull elk in back-to-back seasons. These failures sent me on a quest to find a more lethal set up. I found exactly what I was looking for - one shot, one kill performance with GrizzlyStik. These things are the real deal!" - Martin Kuchta