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Have you ever had that sinking feeling because you lost an animal, even though you made a good bow shot into the vital area? Have you ever followed a diminishing blood trail for over a half-mile only to lose the animal? Most bowhunters have. As ethical bowhunters, we need to know what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future.

Imagine: You just put your arrow exactly where it needed to be on your first Cape Buffalo - but at impact your arrow goes no-where? Little to no penetration... Bad enough, but in the next instant your PH drops the trophy bull with his rifle. You draw blood, you're going to pay for the animal. If the PH isn't convinced your arrow is an effective killing shot, he is obligated to shoot.

• In this seminar we reveal the kinds of arrows and broadheads that can split buffalo ribs - on both sides! You'll learn how to set yourself up for success instead of failure.

• This is a must see seminar for anyone who bowhunts big and dangerous game. Any one who does not want to take chances - who wants to know that their equipment can get the job done even if things go wrong should attend this seminar.

This seminar is designed to help you become a better bowhunter by explaining how you can improve your chances of a rapidly fatal arrow kill through your knowledge and understanding of the following: the myth that kinetic energy will predict arrow lethality; the difference between the kinetic energy and momentum; arrow penetration enhancing factors; the importance of broadhead and arrow design; how to choose the best arrow for your bow, and much more.

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Learn How To Set Yourself Up For Success!



Topics Covered:

• Why momentum is a better indicator of penetration than kinetic energy.

• The Top Arrow Penetration Enhancing Factors.

• The importance of broadhead and arrow design.

• How to choose the best, most lethal broadhead and arrow for your bow.

• Tissue vs. bone resistance to broadheads.

• Why FOC is a crucial consideration for complete penetration.

• How to get up to 60% greater arrow penetration out of your bow.

• And much more...







Presented by: Todd Smith

Friday, Feb 07, 10:00PM - 11:30PM Rooms: A10 RSCC

GrizzlyStik Booth #149



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