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Single Head - Perfect Condition


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Silver Flame broadheads have proven themselves as the toughest, sharpest, most lethal double bevel broadhead in existence and we've got them in stock!


With all the talk about the bone splitting power of single bevel broadheads – you might ask…

“Why shoot double bevel Silver Flame broadheads?”

The answer is simple…

Some bowhunters have complete confidence in their shot placement skills and what they want is an ultra-sharp, tough as nails broadhead that flies great from any bow and penetrates like crazy. What they want is GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads.

We firmly believe there isn’t a better double beveled broadhead available than the GrizzlyStik Silver Flame. They have proven their lethality on all manner of big game and all around the globe. From Whitetail to Elephant and everything in-between, GrizzlyStik Silver Flame double bevel broadheads are the “Gold Standard” of double bevel broadheads.

Available in: 150 grains. Try a pack of GrizzlyStik Silver Flame XL broadheads today – you can thank us later by sending pictures of your success.


GrizzlyStik Silver Flame XL's have a 1.5" cutting width and are built to the same exacting standards as their predecessors the regular Silver Flame broadheads.


Silver Flame Broadhead Specs


  • 440C Stainless Steel blades - Sub Zero Quenched
  • 58 Rockwell Hardness (HRC)
  • .071" Thickness on Blades
  • Cut-On-Conttact Convex edge design
  • CNC aircraft grade aluminum ferrule
  • Smooth transition, low profile ferrule
  • Ferrule diameter .334"
  • Stainless Steel Allen screws
  • Razor sharp and ready to hunt
  • Available in 150 grains
  • Screw in design fits all threaded inserts
  • 3 per pack 



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"I took (a competitor's) 125 grain 4-blade broadheads. I was surprised at what happened when I shot a Nyala. My shot was a little too far forward and hit a bone. The leading blade must have bent enough that all 4 blades broke off the broadhead. The owner of the game reserve actually caught the shot on his camera, so we played it back several times. He thought my shot was not too bad and that the animal should be retrievable. We found some blood sign that looked like I hit at least part of a lung. After 1.5 days of tracking and searching, we called off the search.

After I switched to the Silver Flame 125XL broadheads, I shot another Nyala, a Blesbok and an Eland. All were retrieved with ease. The Eland weighed approximately 1700 pounds and the eland only went about 60 yards after the shot. I was most impressed with the Silver Flame 125XL broadhead performance."

Regards, Gary Rohret


Silver Flame XL Broadhead Dimensions

Weight Width Height
125 1 1/2" 1 5/8"
150 1 1/2" 1 13/16"
180 1 1/2" 1 13/16"


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