• Silver Flame® 175 XXL Broadheads - Found Stock 3-Pack

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Item #: 93100/XXL
Reg. Price: $109.99
Our Price: $89.99



~ We found a very limited stock of Silver Flame 175 XXL Heads in our factory ~ 






Reg price = $109.99 a pack SALE PRICE = $89.99!


SAVE $20.00 per pack!




Limited supply - when they are gone they are gone


All sales are final




The Silver Flame XXL is a KILLER head! - it's not going away - we're bumping the weight up to 200 grains to fit in with the GrizzlyStik 650 grain arrow and broadhead system. (More on that soon...)

That means that you can get this sweet deal - $30.00 off on a 3-pack - on what's left of our current inventory of the 175 grain Silver Flame XXL's until they're gone.

We're not going to drop the price any lower.

It's limited to stock on hand.

When these are gone we will no longer be making the 175 grain version.

For BIG holes, use BIG broadheads like the new XXL Silver Flame


Warning - The following link takes you to an image of a very large wound channel on a doe caused by a Silver Flame XXL. The picture is Very Graphic. Do not click on the link unless you are prepared to see it. Click Here


The Silver Flame XXL's were originally commissioned by an American hunter for Africa. The resulting wound channels were so devastating that we decided to manufacture them for the U.S. market.

Bowhunters have shared their success stories and pictures with us. The GrizzlyStik Silver Flame XXL is extremely popular with hog hunters. The ultra-sharp blades penetrate even the toughest shields, and leave tremendous blood trails. (Note - Arrow and broadhead total mass weight of at least 650 grains is recommended at all times for all big game. Lighter set ups may have the KE but not the momentum to be able to drive the broadheads through and through.)

GrizzlyStik Silver Flame XXL broadheads are also very effective on whitetail and turkey. These wide heads, nearly a full 2" wide, produce massive wound channels, quick blood loss, and short blood trails.



Check out how deadly they can be on a turkey in the video below. Let's just say, heads will roll...





These BIG heads are built to the same German standards as their predecessors with one major change.  We switched to 440C stainless steel - not 440B like the originals. 440C is a higher quality steel for both strength and sharpness.



Note: We have also been heard great reports from hog hunters. When you want a BIG hole, use a BIG broadhead - the XXL Silver Flame




Click to see our broadhead guarantee .



Silver Flame XXL Broadhead Specs


  • ♦  440C Stainless Steel blades - Sub Zero Quenched
  • ♦  58 Rockwell Hardness (HRC)
  • ♦  .068" Thickness on Blades
  • ♦  Cut-On-Contact Convex edge design
  • ♦  CNC aircraft grade aluminum ferrule
  • ♦  Smooth transition, low profile ferrule
  • ♦  Ferrule diameter .334"
  • ♦  Stainless Steel Torx screws
  • ♦  Razor sharp and ready to hunt
  • ♦  Available in 175 grains
  • ♦  Screw in design fits all threaded inserts
  • ♦  1 7/8" wide
  • ♦  1 15/16" long
  • ♦  3 per pack 


Silver Flame Sharpness is Ledgendary



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