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Special Test Pack Offer for GrizzlyStik Single Bevel Broadheads!

Here's how it works:

Pick any two of our single bevel broadheads for your own personal testing and get them for $50.00 - $56.00 depending on which broadheads you select. (Regular price is $89.95 - $109.95 per 3-pack)

We want bowhunters to know that all our broadheads fly great! We want them to know they can still shoot the longer distances. We want to prove that they're stable, that they group well, and they're super sharp right out of the package.

Again - You test the first two broadheads, then order any two packs of our GrizzlyStik forged broadheads within 30-days of your test pack order and we'll deduct the price you paid for the test broadheads from that new order!


Why GrizzlyStik Single Bevel Broadheads?

GrizzlyStik single bevel broadheads have proven themselves around the world as broadheads to trust your success to - bone splitting performance is legendary.

The GrizzlyStik choice of cutlery grade 440C stainless combined with our proprietary sub-zero quenching, tempering, and finishing processes provide the heart and soul of these phenomenally lethal broadheads.

Our precision grinding and final honing process ensures that our broadheads are always “hair shaving - hunting sharp” right out of the box.

When you’re after big game - you’ve invested your time, money, litterally your blood sweat and tears into your hunts. You need to KNOW you’re shooting broadheads that will get the job done – even when things go wrong.

We all know that your choice in broadheads can literally make or break your hunt.

GrizzlyStik single bevel broadheads have taken elk, moose, hogs, brown bear, and even Cape buffalo - through the shoulder blades! We have even split elephant ribs! They're tough, reliable, lethal broadheads recommended for all serious big game bowhunting.

Here at GrizzlyStik we consider our broadheads to be the best in the world.

Our customers who have used them agree, there are no better broadheads offered anywhere!

See GrizzlyStik Success pictures   HERE.

See the Single Bevel advantage   HERE.


Maasai 200 Broadheads<br> 3-Pack
Maasai 200
Samurai 200 Broadheads<br> 3-Pack
Samurai 200
Maasai 125 Broadheads<br> 3-Pack
Maasai 125
Samurai 125 Broadheads<br> 3-Pack
Samurai 125

 Premium cutlery grade 440C Stainless Steel blades

 CNC aircraft grade aluminum (7075) ferrule

 Stainless steel hex screws

 CNC Milled for perfect symmetry and alignment 

 Wide ground - bone splitting 25° offset single bevels 

 Tempered to 55 Rockwell for superior strength 

 Surgically Sharp right from the package 

 Single Beveled for bone splitting performance 

 Smooth transition low profile ferrules 

 Tanto - no skip tips

Unmatched Performance and Success


The finest line of single bevel broadheads ever produced


GrizzlyStik founder & Alaska Registared Guide Ed Schlief 
Testing Dr. Ashby's Heavy Bone Threshold on Moose Bones

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