Why Single Bevels Shatter Bone?

Explanation from an Orthopedic Surgeon






"These are pictures of a double edge osteotome, and a single bevel periosteal elevator.

Like their Broadhead counterpart, the double edged osteotome is used to make predictable clean cuts in bone. The osteotome, however, being double edged, sticks in the bone and requires considerable effort to hammer through to the other end of the bone.

The single edged periosteal elevator, on the other hand, is used to strip the lining of the bone in preparation to applying a plate or other fixation devices to the bone. Woe behold the Resident Surgeon on my service who uses this instrument by mistake to try to cut bone, as this shatters the bone and causes great harm to the patient.

It then becomes clear how a Single Bevel Broadhead is particularly efficient at shattering bone and preventing any binding of the arrow across what it traverses.

It's true in the operating room, and it's true in the field!"







"I've just returned from Africa, and I could not be happier with the performance of my 950 grain GrizzlyStiks or the Ashby broadheads. The Cape buffalo, shot at 26 yards, died within 1 minute, with penetration through both near and far ribs, the arrow finally resting under the skin.

Thank you for making this possible. What a great arrow-broad head system for the very largest of game. I think I should try it on elephant next..."


Wadih Macksoud, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
Director of Upper Extremity Surgery
Orlando Regional Hospital
Orlando, Florida.