Derek Gentile - GrizzlyStik 650 Challenge



"I am now a firm believer! Anyone who is a serious bowhunter owes it to themselves to try a heavier arrow/broadhead setup. It will change the way you think about speed bows forever!"

"Before trying GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads I was shooting two setups. My speed setup was with Axis 340 arrows and 100 grain Rage broadheads for whitetail and turkey was 437 grains and 9% FOC. I also had a heavy setup with Full Metal Jacket 340 tipped with 125 grain NAP Hell Razor broadheads for bear and elk was 515 grains total weight at 12% FOC .

I was happy with my set-ups but I was going on a brown bear hunt so I was researching broadheads for brown bear online. I heard a lot about Silver Flame broadheads, which led me to Alaska Bowhunting Supply and their GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads. I started reading all the information on the website and when I saw the recommendation for 650 grain arrows I thought it was crazy. But that was mostly due to the fact that everyone markets light weight and speed setups. However, I had been playing with heavier arrow and broadhead combinations already so I found the information to be intriguing and I wanted to learn more.

I decided to try it myself and ordered a 250, a 330 test arrow and a test pack of field tips. I was intrigued with the heavier arrow and higher FOC but I thought the arrows would drop much faster than my old set-ups. I was mostly concerned about speed.

What I found was different. They did not drop as fast as I thought they would and I got much better penetration and I realized more consistent groupings at distances greater than 40 yards, especially in windy conditions and that was probably the most notable benefit. I practice outside in the wind to better prepare for actual hunting conditions.

The heavier setup definitely improves arrow flight under windy conditions.. (And I knew that in brown bear hunting windy conditions are a given.) I shoot from 15 yards out to 70 yards. My confidence improved due to better groupings at 50, 60 and 70 than I was achieving with my previous set-ups.

I ended up with 250 Momentum arrows at 450 grains tipped with 200 grain Maasai broadheads – 650 grains total and 20% FOC. I tested them a lot and I got great penetration, great groups and now have tremendous confidence in my setup.

All my previous concerns were proven wrong, after testing, I was convinced in the results.

The arrows even made my bow quieter too. It was a strange feeling at first. The arrows come off the bow slower and you notice more of a dull “thump” than the loud "slam" you get with the lighter arrows.

Everyone asks me how the broadheads tuned and grouped and I tell them, "Excellent!" I use a Hooter Shooter to tune my arrows and was amazed at how little I had to adjust anything. Again, the field points and broadheads flew true with little to no adjustments. I have always had to make slight adjustments between field tips and fixed broadheads. I was amazed that the Maasai heads shot exactly like my field points.

2013 was my first season shooting GrizzlyStik 650 Momentum/Maasai setup. I took a beautiful Alaskan brown bear and then went to New Mexico and killed a great elk. My plan was to switch back to the “speed” setup for whitetail, however, given my success I stayed with the heavy setup and in November killed a nice Canadian whitetail. All three shots where pass-throughs at quartering angles.

The bear was quartering away and I hit a clean double-lung shot that took out a rib on the exit side – complete pass through. The elk was also quartering away and I hit a rib on the entry side and then another on the exit but still passed completely through the animal. The whitetail was quartering to me (he turned from broadside last second) and I hit him right in the shoulder but the arrow still penetrated all the way to the fletch. I saved the shoulder bone as a testament to what a 650 grain setup can do…truly amazing.

I am now a firm believer! Anyone who is a serious bowhunter owes it to themselves to try a heavier arrow/broadhead setup. It will change the way you think about speed bows forever!" 



"Tagged this buck in Saskatchewan today. I would have never taken the shot without the confidence of my 250 Nano's. He was chasing a doe and I caught him quartering to me at 37 yards - had to thread the needle between two trees. I guessed he was 40 yards (not able to range him) and my Nano blasted through his shoulder blade and all the way through the other side.

I will send a pic of the shoulder blade tomorrow after I boil it. Split it just like you would expect with enough momentum to continue deep across both lungs. I watched him run off with the arrow sticking out both sides.

I am a true believer in Dr, Ashby's theory and the fine product you guys are putting out after consecutive kills on Brown Bear, Elk and Whitetail. What a season and I still have a few months of Whitetail hunting in my home state of Michigan!"

Derek Gentile