What target do you recommend for GrizzlyStik Arrows?


Folks ask us all the time what target we recommend for GrizzlyStik full length tapered carbon arrows when shooting field points. The GrizzlyStik Momentum U-FOC series has a clear coating on it that increases penetration in animals because body fluids lubricate the arrow reducing friction. However - In friction based foam targets the finish on the arrows heats up and actually INCREASES the friction, reducing penetration. Plus, that heating up causes the arrows to stick in the foam and when this happens they are difficult to pull out.

Good News! One of our customers just told us about the BIG SHOT Commercial Range Targets available at BIG SHOT TARGETS online.

He sent us a video of how easy his GrizzlyStik arrows were pulling out and even mentioned that his 5-year old son could pull the arrows out. This sure sounds like an excellent choice in targets for GrizzlyStik arrows.

Note: This is a field point target only. Big Shot does sell some broadhead targets but we have had no feedback on them yet.