GrizzlyStik Success - African Game & Plains Game Photos 

Welcome to the GrizzlyStik success pages. Take your time and enjoy browsing these photographs of bowhunters who know the satisfaction of hunting hard with GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads.

If you have your own success photos you'd like to share with us email them to: Please include the following information: Your name, the kind of 'critter' taken, the state or province taken in and your equipment list. We'd also like a few words describing your hunt if you'd care to add that.

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We love it when our bowhunting friends share their successes with us and bowhunters around the world enjoy looking though bowhunting success pictures like these.


GrizzlyStik broadheads are perfect for crossbows! GrizzlyStik broadheads perform whether they're shot from a compound, a stick bow, or a crossbow!

Check out Robin's Cape buffalo and Giraffe pictures below - he penetrated the OPPOSITE SHOULDER BLADE on both of these animals!

GrizzlyStik folks, I have successfully completed my African hunt few days ago and have used GrizzlyStik Monarch 200gr broadheads exclusively on a Giraffe and a Cape Buffalo.  

The results were awesome by the Forged Single Bevel design, I used 3 arrows in total for the trip taking down both trophies.  

1. Giraffe - 28m shot, Entry - Left Lung Shot. Full broadhead pass through! Exited - Right Shoulder Blade. (Arrow and broadhead penetrated this giraffe's shoulder blade!)On far side, broke off half the arrow and broadhead was still intact! (See attached Pic on Exit on Should Blade)  

2. Cape Buffalo - 30m Shot/First, Entry - Quartering Away Right, off desired placement as the Buff moved on shot. Full broadhead pass through! Exited Left Shoulder Blade. On far side, broke off half the arrow with the broadhead still intact!

2a. 30m Shot/2nd, Entry -  Right Lung, Embedded within Body Heart Lung Area, Broke off  Tanto Tip off the Grizzly Stik Monarch 200gr. (Broadhead tip must have burried into the far rib and broke off the tip when the bull collapsed.)

With regards, Robin Chan




"Beautiful Zambian zebra...note the lack of shadow stripes. My GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Silver Flame broadheads performed flawlessly again! Thank you GrizzlyStik! My staff and families will eat well tonight!" - PH Strang Middleton of Balla Balla Safaris


Kelly Armstrong used GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Monarch 150 broadheads for his very successful safari. 

KMy Momentum 250’s took down this amazing Black Lechwe in Zambia. The Silver Flame XL blew through the vitals out the opposite shoulder, creating a devastating wound channel and resulting in a great kill. Thank you GrizzlyStik......again!!   

Strang Middleton, PH at Balla Balla Safaris

“I was lucky enough to take this rare Copper Springbuck using a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Silver Flame broadhead.”  Brian Brockette

"We were only in the blind for a couple minutes when a group of Eland headed right in, and with them was a very nice looking bull.  I had just gone over shot placement with my PH when the Eland put himself in perfect shooting distance.  I barely had time to think as I grabbed my bow and aimed.  The Eland was at a perfect quartering away shot, but while I was a full draw he took another step and was then at a very extreme quartering away.  I quickly put my pin back in position and pulled the trigger.  Because of the angle I was worried that I had hit too far back, but the Eland only ran about 40 yards and then stopped.  He tried to walk a little more, but couldn't and finally fell over and died. Upon recovery of the animal we saw that my arrow had penetrated over 3 feet and nearly had a complete pass through.

My PH was shocked that my little 42lb bow with such a short draw length could get that much penetration on such a large animal. My arrow is a GrizzlyStik Momentum, total weight is 535 grains, FOC is 28%, and the broadhead is a 200 grain Samurai. The last picture of me with the broadhead was dug out of the Eland and it is still razor sharp!"

Emily Thompson of Danger Close Outdoors hunting in South Africa with Chattaronga Safaris.



"I wish more guys would bring heavier arrows and heavier arrow heads.  I think it would make my job easier."

PH Jason Bridger of Tholo Safari's discusses how the 650 grain GrizzlyStik system
performs on African plains game.


Bill DiMercurio takes a fronal shoot on a bull Giraffe with an Ashby broadhead. 


Botswana Safari with the 650 GrizzlyStik System.

Cameron Mitchell of Grand Slam Club/Ovis used a 650 grain GrizzlyStik 18 arrow package with Maasai broadheads for his Botswana Safari.

Corey Knowlton with a Bongo taken with the GrizzlyStik system of arrows and broadheads.

Professional outdoor camerman Ty Cary used an Ashby broadhead to harvest his bull Giraffe.


Here are my pictures from my recent trip to Africa. All animals were taken with the following equipment and went no more than 45 yards after the shot. 

Mathews Halon 6 28"/69lbs

GrizzlyStik Momentum 250 (total arrow weight w/ head 611grns)

Maasai Single Bevel

Both shoulders were completely broken on the Kudu with his offside shoulder and leg destroyed to where he could not even walk on it.   Jon-Paul Dafonte








Congratulations to Strang Middleton on his giraffe, waterbuck, and kudu - all taken with GrizzlyStik 315 grain Ashby forged single bevel broadheads.


"Garrett, my arrows were 1250 grains with Ashby broadheads. I took the giraffe, waterbuck, and kudu with them. I took the bull giraffe on foot at 43 yds. The arrow was hanging out the other side by the fletches! Just love my broadheads from GrizzlyStik! I have extreme confidence when hunting large and dangerous game with them. Cheers!"

Strang Middleton, PH at Balla Balla Safaris








Congratulations to Jim Aken on this Livingstone eland taken with a GrizzlyStik Monarch 200 grain forged single bevel broadhead and a Kodabow crossbow.

"Taken in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, this Livingstone Eland was a big boy weighing a whopping 2011 lbs. For this hunt I used a Kodabow Scout crossbow, 658 grain arrow (total weight) and your Monarch 200 single-bevel broadhead.

The 658 grain arrow got complete penetration through the chest of this huge Eland.

Thanks for all the research information on your website and the articles by Dr. Ed Ashby, they helped me decide on my arrow components and construction. When I came upon this guy, who was much bigger than I had anticipated, the extra penetration afforded by the weight, the single-bevel broadheads, and the 20% FOC allowed me to take him successfully."
  Thanks, Jim Aken



















Congratulations to Jeff & Dasha Campagna! What a safari. They both took multiple animals with the GrizzlyStik Tembo system. We will post the specifics as soon as we know more.

Jeff took an elephant on this trip as well, you can see that here.

















Congratulations to Rob Neilson on his successful African safari. Thanks Rob for trusting your bowhunting success to the GrizzlyStik System.

Rob told us that he shared the bottom picture to show folks who think two-blade heads don't cause enough bleeding that they really can - if you hit the animals right.

"My heavy bow for the Cape buffalo was a Hoyt Faktor 34", 81#. The arrows I used on that bow were Momentum 175 shafts with 200 grain Maasai broadheads with brass adapter weights for a cumulative total weight of 976 grains. I only need to touch those heads up on my polishing wheel and they are ready to go again. You will see on the Cape Buffalo video the shaft stopped on the fletching and about 5” of the tail broke off when the bull jumped on impact, but the remainder of the shaft had already passed through his heart and out the opposite shoulder and that was all that was needed."

" For the rest of the animals I used my daily bow which is a Hoyt Vector 32", 71#. I ended up testing the 125 gr Samurai and 125 gr Maasai broadheads on different plains game – cumulative weight of 595 grains. From those shots it seems (at least from my limited shooting) the Maasai head is a tad better as they don’t seem to get as chewed up on the edges after going through the animal – perhaps that is the convex shape being geometrically stronger than the straight edged Samurai. I mentioned to Garrett in my conversation yesterday I have a non-GrizzlyStik arrow failure on video for you guys to show why you do not use single bevel heads on arrows other than GrizzlyStik – it was on my Impala. I knew exactly what had happened when the arrow did not pass through – you can actually see the tip of the head that sheared off after going through the animal sideways hit the water on impact. GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads are just better than the rest." Rob Neilson













Congratulations to Rhonda Jones! She had quite an impressive African safari taking all these animals with her 42# Mathews Z7 and our GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 125 grain broadheads.






What a great experience. My gear was perfect for the giraffe hunt. I used:

Grizzlystik Momentum arrow
315 grain GrizzlyStik Nanook
Mathews Switchback

Total arrow weight was right at 1,000 grains. Excellent flight and penetration. Those Nanook heads are literally the sharpest and best broadheads I have ever used and/or seen. 
Tom Addleman












Congratulations to Faris on his two Cape buffalo, eland, and sable all taken with GrizzlyStik Momentum tapered carbon arrows and forged Ashby and Nanook broadheads.





Congratulations to Jason Bryan on this Eland he took with a GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 arrow and GrizzlyStik Ashby single bevel broadhead.





Congratulations to Jason Bryan on this impressive Sable he took with a GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 arrow and GrizzlyStik Ashby single bevel broadhead.

"This Sable will go #9 with a bow. I shot it facing away from me at 54 yards, hit it in the back right hip and the arrow came out through the front left shoulder. That arrow was hanging 80% out when it ran off. Now that is penetration!" Jason Bryan











Congratulations to Keith Appel on his successful safari with GrizzlyStik gear. Here is a bit of his story:

"Greetings.... Here are some pics of my hunt in South Africa. I hunted for fourteen days and the first nine days I just could not get the shot at a buffalo. Too many of them and the bull I wanted was always mingled with other bulls.

On the evening of the tenth day. I had my chance and placed an arrow into the bull in the picture at twenty yards. He ran less than seventy yards and was comatose in less than ten seconds. The ribs of the buffalo overlap, so one has to bust through two of them to get at the vitals. The heavy two bladed arrow did just that and did the same on the exit side. The broadhead busted through two ribs on entrance and then busted two more on the back side, but did not come out through the skin on the far side. He maybe was on his feet for about eight seconds before he ran about seventy yards. It was a perfect double lung shot.

He is a classic mature bull and his tenderloins were aged for several days and were delicious. The rest of the meat is shared with natives in the area. Some of it is also sold to commercial meat stores. We ate wild game every night that was delicious and well-prepared.

The next day we were sitting in the blind that was near to a water hole, but not in bow range. That night just before sunset I had a chance at a very nice bull Cape Eland. It was also a whisker over twenty yards. Same deal, a double lung shot and the bull ran to almost the exact same spot the cape buffalo ran to and went down. These are also very big animals. My PH (professional hunter/guide) said that my bull would probably weigh around seventeen hundred pounds.

On the eland, the broadhead slipped between the ribs on the near side and then busted through a rib on the far side but did not penetrate the skin. He ran almost the same distance as the Cape buffalo and was on the ground in less than ten seconds.

Two nights later, the last day of my hunt, I had this great Sable bull give me a shot at slightly under twenty yards. I had switched to lighter GrizzlyStik arrows and had a complete pass-through. My arrow was found later about fifty yards away in the brush. It was still in perfect condition.

My PH was impressed with how quickly all three of my animals went down. They all were down in sight of the blind.

I gave the PH's your catalog and discussed the concept of momentum and the problems with people shooting light weight arrows with expandable broadheads. They had been on the verge of not allowing them anymore on their concession. Now they will tell all of their clients not to use them.

So, we are making some headway."





















Bowhunter Jason Bryan had a fantastic safari this year. He sent us some pictures but no details yet other than he was shooting GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and forged GrizzlyStik Ashby broadheads.


















Bowhunter Bob McNamara sent us these pictures and a note describing his African plains game success with GrizzlyStik broadheads:

"Here are some pics of animals shot at Numzaan Safari using your GrizzlyStik broadheads. All shots were pass throughs and all animals were recovered within 50 yards.

I was using an 80# Elite Pure. 1500lb Eland was shot with an Ashby 315 forged broadhead and a 960 grain arrow. Wildebeest also shot with the Ashby set up. Waterbok and the two impala's were shot with the GrizzlyStik Silver Flame XXL broadheads and an 820 grain arrow. PH's were impressed with the performance of the set up. I left all of my broadheads with my PH as part of the tip."
Bob McNamara









"I would like to thank you for the GrizzlyStik arrows & Ashby broadhead set up that you made for my giraffe hunt.

Just as you said, it will work and it did. Not a lot of people gave me any hope in taking a giraffe with a recurve and my somewhat shorter draw than most.

Here is a video of the shot with slow motion as you can see the arrow arch and hit the animal. The shot was taken at 28 yards facing.The arrow went thru the heart and in the process of removing the organs the Ashby also sliced up the liver when the giraffe turned & ran a short distance.



The one arrow had the giraffe down in less that two minutes. Bow used was an 85# Savora recurve.

When the giraffe fell on its side two shoulders came together & the arrow broke from the pressure.

I also took a real nice klipspringer with the same set up, as I had some problem switching back to my lighter 65# bow lighter arrow 525 gr after only shooting the heavy set up for over (3) months.

In the video I give a pretty good description on how much better your full length, weight forward arrow, heavy broadhead flew than in my last years hunt set up using the shorter Easton / weight tube insert set up."

Thanks Again, Greg McTee





9 Animal - GrizzlyStik - Super Safari





Kudu Penetration






Wildebeest penetration #1



Wildebeest penetration #2







Sable complete pass through




Mick Cheshire of Colorado  - RSA Safari -  9 Animals - Eland to Guinea Fowl

Same Arrow - Same Broadhead - No Loss

• 70# Bow - GrizzlyStik Arrows - Ashby Broadheads

• 950 grains - 21.5% FOC

• 9 Smiles 




Hunter Hennie used a GrizzlyStik 315 grain Nanook broadhead to take his Giraffe.





"Garrett: Thank you, thank you, thank you! The GrizzlyStik Arrows you set me up with the GrizzlyStik Ashby 315's worked wonders. Here are the pics of the Cape Buffalo, Sable and Livingston Eland I took in South Africa last week. The Sable came in at 5:24PM and gave me a 23 yard quartering away shot. He went 59 yards dropping in sight. The Cape Buffalo came in shortly after with a herd of 30. I shot the lead bull at 5:48PM at 16 yards and he went 46 yards and went down 29 yards away from the Sable. He went down in around 60 to 90 seconds. Double lung and cut the top of his heart. All in sight. Was amazing! They had never had anyone shoot both a Sable and Cape Buffalo in the same day let alone same sitting.

The Livingston Eland was the next morning and gave me a 23 yard shot. He went down 105 yards away. I included the entry wound of the Eland. Both the Cape Buffalo and Livingston Eland had full penetration to the opposite leg/shoulder but didn't exit but I hit them both fully in the opposite leg/shoulder so was the toughest exit side you could hit. Both were double lung. The Sable shot was a hard quartering away pass through and then a follow up shot to finish him as he was done but just didn't want to give up the ghost. Your arrows performed perfectly. If you want a reference or want to use these pics you have my permission. I'd be happy to help you in anyway possible. I definitely want order some new GrizzlyStik arrows just like what we had set up so will be giving you a call." 

George Clark, San Antonio, TX







"As promised some photos of a Cape Buffalo and Lion taken with Ashby b/heads. The interesting thing, or I should say impressive thing - the b/heads passed through heavy bone but the heads were still shaving sharp. On this buffalo it was rib on entry and exit, the tip of the head snapped off but it still passed through both sides and was razor sharp. The buff only went 30 yards and stopped moving in about 1 minute. Andrew Parsons






Hard core bowhunter and friend Steve Coale with a lioness he took with his GrizzlyStik gear.





Steve Coale with Wildebeest taken in Tanzania with an Ashby forged broadhead.







Jeff Adair and a nice Black Wildebeest taken with a Momentum tapered carbon arrows and an Ashby 315 grain forged broadhead.









I took both these animals in South Africa in Aug. 2011. I used Ashby heads on Easton FMJ Dangerous Game shafts. 945 grains total. Quartering away shots on all. The broadheads penetrated to the far shoulder, lodging in solid bone and went down within 40 yards.  Good hunting, Jim Colwell    







"Finally after getting into position and keeping an eye out for the second lion I got up to 30 yards.  He growled and was staring straight at me.  I drew and side stepped to the left as he turned to face me slightly.  I released the arrow and everything went in to slow motion.  The lion let out a loud growl and started to charge at me!  Steven the PH was on my right and a little behind me, he started yelling for me to come.  You don't have to tell me twice!  I made it to the truck in about 2.1 seconds, leaped on to the side of the rack and crawled in to the truck.  I broke the stabilizer off my bow in the process.  Turns out the lion only came a few yards then turned and went the other direction.  I looked at Tim and he was shaking, I looked at my legs and they were also!  Wow!  We followed him up with the truck and found him in a very thick bush."


Patrick Hagens used a 950 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Ashby broadhead.

















"Hello friends:

In September I hunted in Namibia, Africa. I am sending you some pictures of this hunt.

My bow: “The Royal” by Wes Wallace.

My arrows: GrizzlyStik “Alaskan” 

Thanks guys for your great equipment."
Regards, Javier











Andrew Parsons with giraffe and various African plains game taken with GrizzlyStik gear.






GrizzlyStik Safari arrow and forged one piece head



Nice to hear you again. Yes, I have been busy with lion. Very difficult hunt, at night and very noisy. I used your GrizzlyStik with 635 grain with your 150 gr broadhead total weight 785 gr.

It worked very good. The arrow has broken the spine of the lion and died. 20 meters far with 80 pounds bow. Obviously the broadhead has disappeared inside the bone, but it did the job. I will order safari stiks next weeks to be used in elephant hunt."

This hunt was booked with Neil Summers of Bowhunting Safari Consultants.















Jason Richers and a giraffe and zebra taken with GrizzlyStik gear.








Here is a Wildebeest taken by Harry Molligan. He broke ribs AND got a complete pass-through with GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows and forged stainless steel Ashby broadheads.

Note: For more post mortem pictures of this Wildebeest and Harry's Cape buffalo Click Here







Leopard taken with one of our GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows and a GrizzlyStik Maasai single bevel broadheads.








Steve Brown with his lion taken with Ashby broadheads.







"I recently guided four guys on Giraffe with the bow. The were all using your GrizzlyStiks with the 315Gr Ashby Broadheads. All were side on shots and all were protruding on the opposite side. That is phenomenal penetration!

Most broke ribs on both sides. The main guy was your importer of your products. His name is Redge from Archers Edge Bow Shop. They even stock your products in our local town's bow shop.

Giraffe is rated one of the toughest of our game animals to hunt with the bow, and it was always recommended to take only frontal shots. Your equipment has now allowed us to take side on shots as well."
 Best regards, Hannes


Image result for HANNES SWANEPOEL SAFARIS logo 






"The GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads have worked flawlessly. I am attaching some pictures of the results. Excellent Customer service and excellent heads! Thank you very much for every thing."  Sincerely, Federico








"The broadhead and the arrow preformed better than I had imagined. Thanks for the advice and the GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 and the Ashby 315 gr. broadhead setup. I left a set of broadheads with my PH. He was impressed with them as well and he will probably become a customer. Thanks"  Robert Wells







"I just returned from Namibia, Africa (my 1st African trip) and I wanted to thank you for your assistance when I purchased six Ashby single bevel broadheads for this trip. They worked wonderfully from my 54# Black Widow recurve.

The pictured Warthog had the largest tusks ever taken at the ranch I hunted. I got a complete pass through with the Ashby mounted to a Heritage 350 carbon arrow that weighed 739 grains. I recovered him @ 118 yards after a 15 minute wait. He was heart shot & died quickly. Thanks!"
 Ron Tandy











"Ed and Garrett,

We just returned home from our hunt in Namibia. What an incredible adventure! Just wanted to drop you a note and show you some pictures. The GrizzlyStik arrows and the Ashby broadheads performed flawlessly. I believe our PH was impressed with my setup, he asked if he could have an Ashby broadhead when I left (and I obliged).

I ended up taking two Oryx (Gemsbok), two warthogs, a red Hartebeest and a Hartman’s Mountain Zebra. I have attached pictures from the hunt. Pay particular attention to the Oryx with the broadhead sticking out the opposite shoulder. I shot it through the heart and it was quartering away slightly when I shot. The broadhead almost came out the opposite side through the bone! (without breaking the bone). I was amazed at how big that bone is, these Oryx (Gemsbok) are big boned animals. Everyone was amazed at the penetration through the bone, we had to cut the broadhead out with a bone saw. If I had been thinking, I would have had them cut the section of the bone out leaving the broadhead where it was at.

I also got a complete pass through on the Zebra I shot. It too was a heart shot and the PH told me that might be the first time he has witnessed a pass through on a Zebra.

Take a look at all the pictures and take notice of the hat I am wearing in all the photos. My GrizzlyStik hat quickly became my favorite and I wore it every day. Thanks!"
Tom Ashby




"I also attach a pic of the warthog which was stalked during the hunt." Pieter Venter

Note: Pieter used our 200 grain Maasai broadheads on this nice trophy warthog.






" As requested!! Eland didn't go 75 yards after being shot. My set-up work as designed. Arrow was 685grains shot a 175 Samurai from a Hoyt Burner at 70lbs. producing around 81 lbs. of energy. No sure of exact energy calculation. Both arrows went through ribs on both sides. My set-up was meant to shoot at 45 yards. Both shots ended up at 20 yards. Just lucky."  Brian Campbell 





"Hey Ed,
I hope you're doing well and winter isn't pounding you yet. I wanted to pass along one of my favorite photo's from Africa to you, I know you'll appreciate it. It's not a hero photo, or a trophy photo, it's simply an moment in time after a GrizzlyStik and my homemade long bow both did their jobs well. The arrow, FYI, is capped and fletched solid white, its floating in a water hole after sailing completely through a Gemsbok with no loss of speed or momentum that could be seen from the naked eye of the shooter. It's just a quite, understated, reminder of when things go well. Feel free to use this any way you wish. God Bless."
   Brad Isham






 Steve Brown with a lioness taken with the GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system.





Bill Epeards with a nice gemsbok taken with a GrizzlyStik arrow and a Samurai single bevel broadhead.



Bill Epeards with a warthog taken with a GrizzlyStik arrow and a Samurai single bevel broadhead.












Father and son team of Steve and Zeke Shifflet with an amazing Safari using the GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system.





My PH was Strang Middleton of Bowhunters Zambia. I have hunted with a lot of PH's all over the world but none have worked harder for me than Strang, I can highly recommend him."
Don Ingram








Steve Coale used an Ashby Broadhead to take his lion.









Here are a few pics of African animals that I took recently using GrizzlyStiks. Finest shaft available as far as I'm concerned.
Jon Simoneau














8 Animal safari using GrizzlyStik broadheads





"I've just returned from Africa, and I could not be happier with the performance of the GrizzlyStiks or the Ashby broadheads. The giraffe, shot at 45 yards, died within 1 minute, with penetration through both near and far ribs, the arrow finally resting under the skin.

Thank you for making this possible. What a great arrow-broad head combo for the very largest of game. I think I should try it on elephant next..." Wadih Macksoud