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Working Class Bowhunter Podcast #539

GrizzlyStik and Whitetail Adrenaline joined the guys on Working Class Bowhunter for a high-energy fast-paced podcast.

"This week we sit down with Garrett Schlief, Jared Scheffler and PR Guy Paletta! We talk about arrow setups, FOC, what is an ethical shot, archery and more! Enjoy!" Working Class...

Idaho Color Phase

Just wanted to share another success story. Got this bear in Idaho this month. Complete pass through on a quartering to shot with the momentum 650 tipped with the 200-grain samurai. 65lb draw on a Hoyt RX-5. Placed the arrow right in front of the left shoulder and it went clean through the hear...

Whitetail Hunters Get Caught Sneaking a "Peek"

Why would a bowhunter want to shoot a Dr. Ashby-inspired, heavy, high FOC arrow & broadhead system at deer?

Many will ask - "Isn't that Overkill?"

GrizzlyStik response - "Exactly, here is a 9-minute video to show you what we mean."

Link to How our GrizzlyStik p...
The "Price" of Sharp - is totally worth it

Yes, Silver Flame broadheads are "scary sharp." Yes, Silver Flames can deliver pass-through performance in Africa, but if you're not careful, Silver Flames can deliver stitches too. Just ask @cmigsjr

Only 5 more to go......29 in sight

"35 yards quartering away, I hit a rib on the offside and almost still passed through. The fletch was the only thing that held up inside of him. He bounded off about 80 yards and tipped over dead. The guide stated, "I've never seen a buff die so quick!"  - @derekgentile
Shoulder Shot Samurai

"I have to say this product is one of kind! I am almost certain most mechanical broadheads would have most likely failed me on this shot. I had no other choice but a straight down shot beneath my stand as this buck approached me straight on just barely quartering to me.
This setup punc...

That's Mr. Boss to You

"Hunting dangerous game with a bow and arrow is incredibly challenging. When you hunt a buffalo with a recurve bow you take the challenge to the next level.

A GrizzlyStik tipped with an Ashby broadhead did the job on this huge-bodied bull. The penetration of these arrows on thick-skinned d...

2021 Broadhead Test: Cape Buffalo Case Study

July 2021 case study by ABF and PHASA representatives of ten popular two-blade broadheads tested on Cape Buffalo in South Africa. The test was performed to see what the Cape Buffalo did to the broadhead - not what the broadhead did to the Cape Buffalo. Rob Neilson, Dr. Ed Ashby, Jake Thomps...

Mamma Mia...That's Big Arrow!

Join Dr. Ed Ashby & Steven Rinella On MeatEater Podcast #284 - The Archer's Paradox

Listen to Dr. Ed Ashby and Steven Rinella along with Garrett Schlief, Todd Smith, Corinne Schneider, and Janis Putelis discussing arrow lethality and a lot of other things in episode #284 of the MeatEater...

No Such Thing As Overkill

How many shot chances do you think you'll have in your lifetime?  No matter your level of bowhunting experience - the answer is always "Not Enough." Two of our goals at GrizzlyStik are to help bowhunters maximize the precious few opportunities they get while simultaneously increasing the odd...