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Build an Arrow System to Your Lethal Distance

We often get asked by new customers "how heavy of an arrow can I shoot & how far can I shoot it?"

It's a great question and one we would like to address in detail here.  When thinking about switching to a heavy, high FOC arrow system we like to ask bowhunters two questions.

#1 - What are you hunting?

#2 - What's your lethal distance?

Based on the answers to those questions, we like to recommend our customers test an arrow & broadhead system that has as high of an FOC as possible while still meeting two criteria:

#1 - Perfect arrow flight.

#2 - A trajerctory you like at your lethal distance.

If your arrow isn't flying perfectly or you feel your "lobbing" it too much at your lethal distance, we recommend lightening the arrow.  If not, we recommend hitting them with the biggest , heaviest, nastiest arrow that flys like a dart. All your shot opportunites inside your lethal distance become a chip shot. If your target game enters your "lethal zone" - you'll  know you can attack at any angle at anytime and still achieve full arrow penetration.  That sounds like confidence to us.

FYI.......Pope & Young reports the average shot distance on a record book whitetails is 19 yards. We build arrow & broadhead systems for bowhunters who want to maximize their opportunities and hit'm with a 9 pound hammer.

How will you know if you have perfect arrow flight and you're not lobbing it?  Start with one of our two arrow test packs and test for yourself.