GrizzlyStik Success - Crossbow Photos 

"Ashby 315 from a Crossbow?" - It's not uncommon for crossbow shooters to ask us if Ashby 315 broadheads will shoot from their modern crossbows. Our response - "Arrows and broadheads don't care what kind of bow they're shot from.

If you match the arrow spine & arrow length, to broadhead weight & the bow poundage - you will gain perfect arrow zen." That's just a fact. Reid Wilson demonstrates our case by dropping his second Wyoming bull (on film) in the past two seasons with an Ashby 315 broadhead.

New No.1? - "This October, Debbie Milligan was hunting with Re a Lora Safaris in the Limpopo province of South Africa when she killed this monster Cape Buffalo.

We are still within the drying process, but it appears to be a potential crossbow record!

It was taken with a Ravin crossbow and shooting your Maasai 200 broadhead. The bull was shot at approximately 12 yards with a complete pass through, one-shot kill!" - Doyle Milligan

"A Bolt from the Blue" - It's not uncommon for crossbow shooters to ask us if 315 grain Ashby broadheads will shoot from their modern crossbow. Our response - "Arrows and broadheads don't care what kind of bow they're shot from. If you match the arrow spine, to broadhead weight and the bow poundage - you will gain perfect arrow zen."

Reid Wilson demonstrates our point by dropping this Wyoming bull in his tracks.

Constructive Criticism - "The Silver Flame 210 zipped through my Cape buffalo so fast, my PH had a challenging time recovering my arrow. Maybe if they weren't so sharp, they would be easier to find! 

All kidding aside, thank you for making such a great product. The bull only made it 100 yards and was down." - Chris Rouland

“Black Death Pass Through” - This bull was taken with a modified 1000 grain GrizzlyStik arrow tipped with a 315 grain Nanook broadhead from a 175# crossbow.At 31 yards broadside, the arrow never slows down as it completely passed through the boiler room. The bull was down in under a minute. On post mortem inspection, both the huge near and far side ribs were penetrated and broken.

“One-Shot Kills” - The business of producing bowhunting media in Africa is tough. It becomes exponentially more difficult when shooting light whitetail arrows & broadheads at African game. Hollywood Hunter knows the importance of quick/clean kills when filming for his Hollywood Hunter TV show. It’s his business.

This summer Freddy and crew trusted GrizzlyStik Maasai and Nanook single-bevel broadheads on Victory Archery VAP's for their South African Safari. The team shot 9 arrows and had 9 one shot kills - all on film. 5 with bow and 4 with crossbow. Here are Freddy’s the one-shot bow kills.

“Now That’s Impressive” - Eric Scott with a one shot – one kill pass through on Black Death. Eric was shooting our GrizzlyStik Samurai 125 broadhead driven out of a Ravin Crossbow.His 40" bull was successfully guided by African Barefoot Safaris.

GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows and Ashby single bevel broadheads.


GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows and Ashby single bevel broadheads.


GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows and Ashby single bevel broadheads.



Congratulations to Jim Aken for taking the first Hippo that will be entered in the SCI record books - taken with a crossbow and an Ashby 315 forged single bevel broadhead. 

"Thank you for the research and the Ashby articles on your website. I read everything on your website including the articles by Dr. Ed Ashby while preparing for this Hippo hunt. 

Then I built my arrows according to that advice. 1251 grains, total weight, 34.9% FOC, 315 grain Ashby broadhead from 

For some reason, I thought the hide of a hippo would be soft, I guess that was because they spend nearly all their time in the water. However, nothing could be farther from the truth, the hide of a hippo feels like a truck tire, it is extremely tough and thick. 

My first arrow went through a rib on the near side and buried into a rib on the far side, piercing both of the lungs. A hippo rib is approximately 3/4 to 1 inch thick. 

My second shot was a quartering-away shot. It entered behind the ribs on the near side and exited the far side from the shoulder area. 

In the lower picture, the arrow entered where I am standing and you can see the exit wound just at the water level at the point of the shoulder, for a total travel through the animal of about 5 to 6 feet, penetrating both lungs and taking a major artery off of the top of the heart. 

Success on this hunt was due to the arrows built in accordance with the research information from ,the extremely powerful and rugged Kodabow "Dangerous Game" crossbow and the Ashby broadheads from The 1251 grain arrows with the Ashby broadhead were absolutely phenomenal! 

If anyone would like to have a really good big-game arrow, there is a good one laying in the bottom of the Luangwa River in Central Zambia. It is slightly used, since it went completely through a Hippo, but I'm sure you could sharpen the Ashby broadhead and use it again!!"
  Thanks, Jim Aken


Congratulations to Jim Aken on this Livingstone eland taken with a GrizzlyStik Monarch 200 grain forged single bevel broadhead and a Kodabow crossbow. 

"Taken in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, this Livingstone Eland was a big boy weighing a whopping 2011 lbs. For this hunt I used a Kodabow Scout crossbow, 658 grain arrow (total weight) and your Monarch 200 single-bevel broadhead. 

The 658 grain arrow got complete penetration through the chest of this huge Eland. 

Thanks for all the research information on your website and the articles by Dr. Ed Ashby, they helped me decide on my arrow components and construction. When I came upon this guy, who was much bigger than I had anticipated, the extra penetration afforded by the weight, the single-bevel broadheads, and the 20% FOC allowed me to take him successfully."
  Thanks, Jim Aken




GrizzlyStik broadheads are perfect for crossbows! GrizzlyStik broadheads perform whether they're shot from a compound, a stick bow, or a crossbow! 

Check out Robin's Cape buffalo and Giraffe pictures below - he penetrated the OPPOSITE SHOULDER BLADE on both of these animals! 

GrizzlyStik folks, I have successfully completed my African hunt few days ago and have used GrizzlyStik Monarch 200gr broadheads exclusively on a Giraffe and a Cape Buffalo.  

The results were awesome by the Forged Single Bevel design, I used 3 arrows in total for the trip taking down both trophies.  

1. Giraffe - 28m shot, Entry - Left Lung Shot. Full broadhead pass through! Exited - Right Shoulder Blade. (Arrow and broadhead penetrated this giraffe's shoulder blade!)On far side, broke off half the arrow and broadhead was still intact! (See attached Pic on Exit on Should Blade)  

2. Cape Buffalo - 30m Shot/First, Entry - Quartering Away Right, off desired placement as the Buff moved on shot. Full broadhead pass through! Exited Left Shoulder Blade. On far side, broke off half the arrow with the broadhead still intact! 

2a. 30m Shot/2nd, Entry -  Right Lung, Embedded within Body Heart Lung Area, Broke off  Tanto Tip off the Grizzly Stik Monarch 200gr. (Broadhead tip must have burried into the far rib and broke off the tip when the bull collapsed.)  With regards, Robin Chan



Lee Murray, SCI Director-At Large used an Ashby broadhead to take his Cape Buffalo.