What is the main difference between the Black Label & OVERKILL broadheads?

Customers often ask us the main differance between our Black label and OVERKILL lines of broadheads.

Maasai 200 Broadheads<br> 3-PackMaasai OVERKILL™ 200 Broadheads<br> 3-Pack


Here are the differences and similarities between the two:

: Fresh out the package - Both the OVERKILL and the Black Label broadheads will shave hair. Both are definitely "Hunting Sharp" right out of the package.  (The Black Label's finished edge is a bit more smooth microscopically, but both of them shave hair right out of the package.)


DURABILITY & STRENGTH: The OVERKILL and the Black Label were equally tough in all of our torture testing.


EDGE RETENTION: (How long the edges stay sharp in repetitive cut testing like cutting through rope over and over.) In this sort of testing the OVERKILL had about half the edge retention as the lack Label. Another way of looking at it is that you could shoot the Black Label broadheads into foam targets about twice as many times as the OVERKILL and still have a hair shaving sharp broadhead. BUT!!! Since bowhunters normally shoot an arrow through an animal one time and then re-sharpen it anyway, there's no real sacrifice for the bowhunter here with the edge retention difference.


BOTTOM LINE: The OVERKILL broadheads are a fantastic value for the money and pretty much do anything the Black Label broadheads can do when it comes to bowhunting situations.