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Dr. Ashby & GrizzlyStik

In 2006 we were introduced to Dr. Ed Ashby by the custom bowyer OL Adcock. After our first meeting, we really started diving into Doc's arrow lethality research.  Like so many other bowhunters that read Doc's research for the first time - we had an "Aha Moment."

Dr. Ashby with a water buffalo taken with the first Ashby Broadhead prototype in 2007.  We had worked together for over a year getting the broadheads ready for the hunting season.  The first 12 Ashby heads were completed and FedEx'd (to Australia) just one week before this picture was taken.  Building a forged broadhead was a huge risk for GrizzlyStik and it was tense waiting to hear back the first reports from the field.  Once we got Doc's preliminary report and this picture - we thought "we might be onto something."

Dr. Ashby's research touched on so many things we already kind of intuitively knew but also explained so many concepts we had never thought of.  Since that time, GrizzlyStik has obsessively addressed and built-in each of Dr. Ashby's top 12 arrow penetration factors into our systems.

Dr. Ed Ashby (center) and the GrizzlyStik team at Dallas Safari Club.  This core group envelopes the expertise of over 1,000 big game animals successfully harvested with bow, arrow and broadhead.

Dr. Ed Ashby has graciously allowed GrizzlyStik to use his name on the Ashby broadhead with one condition. Doc insisted that we make it clear to our customers that he receives no compensation for the use of his name on our broadhead whatsoever.

His goal is to educate the world on what kinds of arrows and broadheads best penetrate big game animals. In addition, he receives no compensation for any of his research but shares the results freely.

Dr. Ashby and Garrett Schlief holding a campfire court over cigars and Wild Turkey at Doc's ranch.

It has been a passion at GrizzlyStik to educate bowhunters about Dr. Ashby's research and a more ethical way to hunt big game animals.  We all owe a great debt to Dr. Ashby for his significant contribution to bowhunting and the guidance for us to manufacture the best bowhunting equipment in the world.