GrizzlyStik Success - Elephant & Hippo Photos 

"60# Jumbo" - One of the best things about exhibiting at the SCI show is interacting directly with our customers and their PH's. We love hearing the stories of the previous year's hunts and getting bowhunters dialed in for the upcoming season.

Jake House stopped in our booth to give us his report on completing his Big 5 with the bow. Shooting a 90# draw, we built Jake our 1250 grain system of tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Ashby 315 forged broadheads.

At 21 yards broadside, Jake placed his arrow just below the bottom of the ear, directly in the crease. "My GrizzlyStik never slowed down at impact and completely disappeared on the near side. My PH couldn't believe how fast he went down!"


8000# Hippo Pass Through - Ask yourself, could my arrow and broadhead system show me that?

For this hippo safari, we built our customer a 950 grain system with GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrow tipped with our 315 grain Nanook broadheads. The arrow had a 29% FOC and split ribs on both sides before poking out the offside.





"On the Ground Conservation" - Anti-hunting keyboard warriors will never understand why hunting an old (past breeding age) elephant cow in so important - they're too busy being offended.

Africa was once an island of people inside a sea of animals. Over the past century, that dynamic as completely flipped. Wide open spaces have shunk as the demand for more farming and ranching have increased. Wild aninals have been pushed into smaller and smaller land areas.

These wild game parks and land concessions are crucial to wildlife but they still have a finite carrying capacity (food & water) for the amount animals their habitat can sustain. Too many large animals in a single area leads to a natural foliage destruction effecting all wildlife in that area.

By hunting old non-breeding animals, hunters make room for younger breeding aninals to use the limited natural resources available. This gives the breeding population the opportunity to raise more healthly offspring - perpetuating the species.

GrizzlyStik is proud to outfit bowhunters doing there part to help conserve future generations of elephants. For this elephant cow hunt we built Corey  Schaefer a 1100 grain footed Momentum TDT tapered arrow tipped with an Alaskan 315 broadhead. Shot from a 95# bow, it only took a single 30% FOC GrizzlyStik to put this cow on the ground.

Hippo Pass Through - "Luangwa River archery hippo! Complete pass through double lung on this hippo from 28 yards. Bow was an 80# Hoyt Helix shooting a GrizzlyStik Alaskan 315 broadhead tipped arrow." - David Unger hunting with PH Thor Kirchner

Bowhunting fact - Dr. Ed Ashby's arrow lethality research was directly responsible for the legalization of bowhunting in South Africa - which lead to legal bowhunting in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia. Ashby Bowhunting Foundation

Using Dr. Ashby's same research, GrizzlyStik developed the Alaskan 315 broadhead to proficiently take an size game in the world.

The BIG Stuff - “When you get down to it, there’s only one proven choice for dangerous game broadheads and that’s the Ashby 315. The old king of Africa used to be your Silver Flame 210. That broadhead was responsible for a lot of big stuff but it’s nothing compared to all the SCI records the Ashby now owns.

I’ve completed my archery Dangerous 7 several times, including 6 archery elephants shooting GrizzlyStik. This is my 5th archery hippo and I used the 1250 grain Momentum TDT/Ashby system for a one shot kill.

Just ask any dangerous game PH that has seen the Ashby broadhead at work in the field what he thinks about them. He’ll tell you what to shoot!" – Africa Big 5 bowhunting legend Dr. Jan Seski (retired)

"The .500 Nitro of Bowhunting" - With over 90 confirmed jumbo's taken with the GrizzlyStik system, who's to argue?

For this safari, we matched our 1250 grain (TAW) GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows tipped with our 315 grain forged Ashby broadhead. The arrows had a 31% FOC and were powered from a 85# bow.

PH Knowledge - "When you go after the big stuff and want one arrow have to shoot GrizzlyStik! Great FOC, super strong and they build'em heavy! Alot of folks ask me why do I use GrizzlyStik? Well it's simple - why wouldn't I? You're crazy if you don't!" - Zambian based PH Strang Middleton



“Green Hunt Rhino” - Safari Club International recognizes green hunts (darting/measuring/releasing) rhino to count towards your Big 5. This black rhino was darted with a modified GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and released while hunting with Tam Safaris.

"What A Hippo" - Mark Murphy took this trad hippo shooting the Ashby 315 broadhead.

One Arrow Jumbo - "What an amazing safari, I got to live my childhood dream. After a week of tracking and several blown attempts I finally got the shot opportunity we were looking for. We got to within 35 yards of this bull and he presented an almost perfect broadside shot.

My arrow struck behind the crease, catching a rib but still penetrated all the way to the fletching. The 315 grain Ashby broadhead found and completely lacerated two valves of the massive heart and it was all over amazingly fast." - Jim Colwell hunting with Chattaronga Safaris

For this Jumbo safari, Jim was shooting a 950 grain arrow tipped with an Ashby broadhead and powered from a 73# bow.

Bowhunting book author and past SCI President Gary Boogner with Hippo success shooting a 950 grain GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow tipped with a 315 grain forged Ashby broadhead.

Pedro Cavadas and PH Ben Rautenbach of Zambeze Delta Safaris with  a Mozambique Jumbo taken shooting Ashby Broadheads.

When it comes to the big stuff, the GrizzlyStik record of lethal arrow & broadhead performance is simply umatched. Our systems have earned the gold standard - not only from bowhunters but from many of Africa's top dangerous game PH's.

SCI booth regular, Steve Konieczny resently rounded out his Dangerous 7 while hunting with Watts Trophy Hunting Safaris in Zim. For his elephant, hippo and croc we built Steve a quiver full of 1250 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with our 315 grain forged Ashby broadheads. The arrows had a bone crushing 28% FOC and were powered from a 82# bow for this one shot archery kill.

Elephant with one arrow - a 1250 grain GrizzlyStik 
Momentum 175 and Ashby Broadhead - 29% FOC


Jeff Campagna and his wife Dasha had a fantastic safari with each taking multiple animals. Here are a couple pictures they sent os of the elephant Jeff took with the forged 315 grain GrizzlyStik Ashby broadhead and GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 arrows

According to Jeff the arrow clipped a rib on the near side, went all the way through both lungs, clipped a rib on the far side and the blade stopped just shy of poking out the skin on the far side. One arrow elephant kill - it can be done when you set yourself up for success with 1250 grains of the GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system. 

See their other animals - including a giraffe here.




This Zimbabwe Jumbo is the sixth African elephant shot by Dr. Jan Seski. For this hunt Jan used our custom-built GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 arrows cut to 29 inches and fletched with 4-inch DuraVanes to accommodate his finger-shooting style. 

The arrows weighed 1275 grains when topped with a 315 grain Ashby Broadhead with a FOC of 29%. 

Shot from an 85# Matthews Monster bow, this set-up generated 106 ft. lbs. kinetic energy. 

The arrow was shot quartering into the elephant, penetrated a rib and one lung, lacerated the heart and liver, and was recovered in the gut. The elephant went a short distance and died. With results like this, no wonder Jan is a firm supporter of our Ultra-Magnum Arrow System.


Hippo taken with GrizzlyStik gear.


Cape buffalo taken with grixxlystik gear.



"In 2010 I hunted hippo with Strang Middleton in Zambia.  I used the heaviest Full Metal Jacket arrow without going to the dangerous game ones and I used a Silver Flame broadhead.  I used an insert to get my arrow weight up to 1,000 grains.  Used a Mathews Monster Bow set at 80 lbs.  

I’ve attached a picture, I got full penetration (you’re looking at the exit wound).  I can’t recall if I hit the ribs or missed ‘em.  However, the arrow passed completely through except for the fletches which allowed me to recover the arrow and broadhead.  The hippo never knew what happened and died in under 1 minute.  

I used a Silver Flame broadhead on the attached buffalo picture.  I used Easton aluminum arrows 2419 and a Mathews Safari bow at 90 lbs.  On this one, I went through the thickest part of each rib-clear through the near rib and about 1/4 of an inch of the broadhead poking through the outside rib on the far side.  The buffalo went about 60 yards measured from the shot to where he died - and he died in about 2 minutes (which made for some happy trackers).  The PH made a wall display for me with the ribs, my arrow and the broadhead.   

I missed your seminar at the SCI show but I’m a firm believer in heavy arrows and stout 2 blade broadheads.  We hunted Mozambique one year and I wanted to be able to shoot flatter at distances so I went with light arrows and 100 grain broadheads (2 bladed). 

It was a disaster – I got no penetration and the broadheads were often broken or bent when I recovered them.  I just remember it taking 2-3 arrows per animal that trip.  The hippo and buffalo both died with a single arrow.  I’ll admit when I make a poor shot and it requires a follow-up; but with the light arrows/broadheads it didn’t matter where I hit the animal, it always required a long track to recover and multiple arrows.

  I’m lucky as I have a long draw length and shot a long arrow at high poundage (not as high as it used to be though),  my wife has a heck of a time with arrows/broadhead combinations.  It can just be frustrating to experiment with various arrows and arrow weights to try to find the optimum hunting arrow/broadhead combination for her.  

Thanks for making such a great product-hard to find heavy broadheads anywhere as it seems most folks are still into the light weight arrows and 100 grain broadheads." - Jeff Ballweber




GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows and Ashby single bevel broadheads.



GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows and Ashby single bevel broadheads.



GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows and Ashby single bevel broadheads.



Congratulations to Dr. C on this pending #1 SCI hippo taken with an 82# bow, GrizzlyStik Momentum 175 arrows and GrizzlyStik 200 grain single bevel Maasai broadheads.


“Green Hunt Rhino” - Safari Club International recognizes green hunts (darting/measuring/releasing) rhino to count towards your Big 5. This black rhino was darted with a modified GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and released while hunting with Tam Safaris.

Really nice bull elephant taken by Dr. Jan Seski with one Ashby tipped arrow. The bull was quarteing away at 20-yards. The arrow struck high in the crease, traveled between ribs on the near side, cut completely through the top of the heart, then kept going out the other side, once again, between ribs. The ivroy was 50+# per tusk. Congratulations to Dr. Jan Seski on another fine elephant with the bow and arrow. 

Note: Dr. Jeski used our forged, one piece, single bevel 315 grain Ashby broadheads to take this elephant.

This hunt was booked with Neil Summers of Bowhunting Safari Consultants.




GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows and Ashby single bevel broadheads.



GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows and Ashby single bevel broadheads.



GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows and Ashby single bevel broadheads.



Congratulations to Jim Aken for taking the first Hippo that will be entered in the SCI record books - taken with a crossbow and an Ashby 315 forged single bevel broadhead.

"Thank you for the research and the Ashby articles on your website. I read everything on your website including the articles by Dr. Ed Ashby while preparing for this Hippo hunt.

Then I built my arrows according to that advice. 1251 grains, total weight, 34.9% FOC, 315 grain Ashby broadhead from

For some reason, I thought the hide of a hippo would be soft, I guess that was because they spend nearly all their time in the water. However, nothing could be farther from the truth, the hide of a hippo feels like a truck tire, it is extremely tough and thick.

My first arrow went through a rib on the near side and buried into a rib on the far side, piercing both of the lungs. A hippo rib is approximately 3/4 to 1 inch thick.

My second shot was a quartering-away shot. It entered behind the ribs on the near side and exited the far side from the shoulder area.

In the lower picture, the arrow entered where I am standing and you can see the exit wound just at the water level at the point of the shoulder, for a total travel through the animal of about 5 to 6 feet, penetrating both lungs and taking a major artery off of the top of the heart.

Success on this hunt was due to the arrows built in accordance with the research information from ,the extremely powerful and rugged Kodabow "Dangerous Game" crossbow and the Ashby broadheads from The 1251 grain arrows with the Ashby broadhead were absolutely phenomenal!

If anyone would like to have a really good big-game arrow, there is a good one laying in the bottom of the Luangwa River in Central Zambia. It is slightly used, since it went completely through a Hippo, but I'm sure you could sharpen the Ashby broadhead and use it again!!"
  Thanks, Jim Aken





GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows and Ashby single bevel broadheads.



Congratulations to Jon Soderholm on this elephant taken with 1250 grain Momentum 175's and Ashby 315 grain forged single bevel broadheads.

This hunt was booked with Chattaronga Bowhunting Safaris through Neil Summers of Bowhunting Safari Consultants.





Dr. Jan Seski took this elephant bull with 45 pound ivory with one Ashby tipped arrow. He booked his hunt through Neil Summers of Bowhunting Safari Consultants. Look at the penetration Dr. Seski got with the Ashby broadhead even after going through the elephant's rib! Congratulations Dr. Seski!!






SCI booth regular, Steve Konieczny resently rounded out his Dangerous 7 while hunting with Watts Trophy Hunting Safaris in Zim. For his elephant, hippo and croc we built Steve a quiver full of 1250 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with our 315 grain forged Ashby broadheads. The arrows had a bone crushing 28% FOC and were powered from a 82# bow for this one shot archery kill.

Take a look at the penetration Jan Seski got on this hippo with a GrizzlyStik Ashby broadhead.Jan used an 85# Mathews Monster with a heavy arrow that drove the Ashby broadhead into the far rib. Congratulations to Jan on a fine hippo taken with one shot.







Congratulations to Luis Villalba who took this elephant with our forged single bevel GrizzlyStik Monarch 200 broadhead.









"Garrett ~ Well, we finally got him.............. a big old bull, past his prime, and losing bulk. They were great hunts and stalks, but good trophies were not to be found for a week. Shot him from 33 yards............ had to wait a LONG time in agony for him to get the right position............had a very narrow shooting lane (nearly 1.5 hours waiting in the HOT Zimbabwe sun, but enjoyed every moment).

We got home safely; and even took a helicopter ride over Victoria Falls and Zambezi National Park…………. THAT was fun ! It is now just sinking in about my elephant………… that was the most difficult and challenging hunt…… more mentally than physically. I definitely had the elephant curse, and learned a lot, but so many bow-hunters before me have had the same sort of luck on elephant. I guess that is why it is not done too often.

My first shot, was a bit far back, but perfect on height, and double-lunged him. The arrow disappeared in him……………. Whew! He was immediately sick, and the rest is history. The truth is, we are all still learning about killing elephant with an arrow…………. My shot worked very well. He did not run, did not travel far, and I added a second shot from 45 yards as he walked by in thick Mopane forest. It was the icing on the cake. It was quite a moment to see the giant collapse.

And I finished my Big 5 ! But I am never finished……………… I want to repeat leopard and Buffalo by bow (later) and then I will have the Big 5 by bow ! so much fun !" - Brent  





hippo taken with grizzlystik tapered carbon arrow and forged single bevel ashby broadhead


PH Strang Middleton and bowhunter Harry Molligan with a one shot kill on a Hippo with an Ashby Broadhead.







From the Front - "The situation had unraveled quickly. He was facing us dead-on and wouldn't turn broadside. Now was when I had to truly, truly trust the equipment. I knew the math about the Ashby Broadhead and the 1250-grain GrizzlyStik TDT arrow. I'd read the articles and extensively talked with other successful hunters. But math isn't helpful in the Moment of Realization. Would it hold up? Would it even penetrate the hide?

I found where I thought the heart ought to be and released. Then I watched, stunned, as an elephant that had been angrily stamping its feet at us suddenly staggered back as though punched, then he turned and ran.

When we finally got to him, and after hitting him again (because, you know, the adrenaline thing) we discovered that the first arrow had sliced through at least six feet of hide, ribs, lungs, and guts like a mad butcher and was buried behind the stomach. The follow up arrow had entered one side and snagged against the hide of the other, very nearly a complete pass-through.

I believe the math now and know why my PH was so adamant I shoot GrizzlyStik on this safari. If you hunt any Big 5 without GrizzlyStik, you are either crazy or sponsored to shoot something else." - John Q PETA-Hater









"It took quite a while to get close but I shot him at 40 yards with my bow.  We he went down in about 15 minutes.  While they were taking blood samples and checking him out I posed for pictures and we took measurements of the horn for a replica.  After that they gave him the antidote and told us to get in the truck.  One of the trackers had forgot a rope that was laying next to the rhino.  As he went in to get the rope, the rhino stood up and took a few steps.  That guy was moving and a grooving getting out of the way and I laughed."

Patrick Hagens - Green hunting Rhino using a GrizzlyStik carbon tapered arrow.







Neil Summers of Bowhunting Safari Consultants took this nice elephant with our Momentum 175 Heavy Game arrows and the single piece forged, single bevel 315 grain Ashby broadheads. The first shot, at 20 yards, penetrated to about half the arrow's length and entered the lungs. The elephant made it about 150 yards where Neil shot a second time. This arrow disappeared completely going through one lung and the liver. Start to finish the elephant was down in about five minutes.









Hippo taken with GrizzlyStik forged one piece Ashby head


Hippo taken with GrizzlyStik forged one piece Ashby head



Brett Valette shared a couple pictures with us of a large adult hippo he took from 20 feet, on the ground, on foot with a 86# Ferguson longbow and GrizzlyStik Ashby broadheads. (Adult hippos run about 6,000 pounds! That's a big, mean animal!) He told us to get his story from a post he made on Here is his story...

"A while ago, I posted that I was going to shoot an elephant with my bow. I had great responses...instead, I shot a huge hippo bull with my Ferguson long bow and 315 grain Ashby broad head two weeks ago. Briefly, on the second to last day of the hunt in Zambia with Pro-hunt Zambia (Richard Bell-Cross), Richard radio'd Gavin, my PH, that a hippo was feeding on land! We found the hippo, stalked to within 20 feet of that monster hippo. My first shot was right in the heart with my 86 lb Ferguson long bow. I shot 950 grain arrows and the Ashby head sliced right thru the 2 inch thick skin,up to the fletchings and right into the heart. ( I do have film of the broken arrow actually in the heart). I continued to shoot the hippo and it dropped in about 1 1/2 minutes! My son Dalton, filmed the entire hunt. Being that close to this huge animal with only my bow and arrow was exciting and scary but fully gratifying with awe and amazement when that animal dropped from my arrow! Everyone in camp was truly amazed that this "little stick" took down such a huge animal. It's kinda amazing to me that so many people have forgotten that Ben Pearson, Bill Negley, Fred Bear, all shot dangerous game with traditional bows. I just wanted to do what they did. It's truly an experience I'll never forget! My elephant hunt is next month in Zimbabwe."
 - Brett Valette









A 1250 grain GrizzlyStik Momentnum 175 and Ashby broadhhead were used to harvest this bull elephant.
















"Garrett, I finally got my elephant and with an Ashby head. It performed great! I was shooting a 1235 grain arrow and 102 ft- lbs of KE and the arrow totally disappeared in the “crease”. After the shot we backed out and came back 3 hrs later and the bull was dead and hadn’t gone 30 yards. After recovering the broadhead it was in perfect condition and still fairly sharp.

I also got to test the broadhead on another bull that was killed by my PH and a forest official. In all I shot 3 more shots with the Ashby head through the shoulder muscle of the elephant. I purposely shot through the shoulder muscle and the results were as follows.:
One went through 12 inches of shoulder muscle and hit a rib directly but for some reason hit the rib at an angle. It did not breach the rib. However, I got poor arrow flight on the shot.

The second arrow went through 13 inches of shoulder muscle and totally disappeared within the elephant.

The third arrow went through the forward third of the shoulder and 13 inches of shoulder muscle, broke through a rib, and penetrated almost 15 inches inside the rib. After the shots none of the Ashby heads showed any damage."







"Thanks for the fast service regarding my trip to Zambia. I shot a big male Elephant 5000 kg I used just one arrow - GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 150 grains ran 70 meters and died in 1 minute." - Bo Christensen










Now THAT's an Elephant! Not only was this elephant big, he was tough AND taken with one arrow, head on. Yes, the shot was a FRONTAL SHOT! Think about that, have you EVER heard of a bowhunter taking an elephant with a frontal shot? And only one arrow? The hunter used our GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrow and a GrizzlyStik Ashby single bevel broadheads. If you're going after big and dangerous game, don't take any chances. Use  GrizzlyStik  tapered carbon arrows and Ashby broadheads - just think of us as the 500 Nitro of bowhunting.


The 950 grain GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead system made quick work of this hippo.








"Hi all, we are back from Zimbabwe, safe and sound. We had a great trip. Killed my elephant on day 5 of the hunt. It was part of a group of 3 that we tracked for over 10 km! 1 arrow at 27 yards, double lung shot, put him down in less than 150y.

Tim (my PH) estimated that the bull was 20 -25 years old and had 25# ivory. Pretty average for the area.

The bull was 1 of a group of 3 that had been hitting the locals crops hard and had attacked and gored a farmer just days before. Everyone from the community was very excited that we had rid them of a problem bull and at the huge amount of meat!"
Darrin West

Darrin took this rogue elephant with our 315 grain Ashby broadhead. Congratulations Darrin!





“In the past I have shot several Cape buffalo in Africa as well as Asiatic Water Buffalo in Australia and Indian Water buffalo in Argentina.
These bovine top out at one ton. I have use a variety of broadheads on those big animals in the past but nothing penetrated like the Ashby head did on the hippo, which is twice as heavy as any buffalo.” - 
Neil Summers, Bowhunting Safari Consultants








Complete broadhead pass through on a Huge African elephant bull. One shot with our Ashby broadhead. was all it took.








Bill Epeards becomes the first bowhunter to harvest an elephant using both our 315 grain Ashby broadheads and GrizzlyStik arrows