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GrizzlyStik sharpening kit from KME Sharpeners

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NEW GrizzlyStik sharpening kit from KME Sharpeners!

This is a must have kit for every bowhunter using cut on contact broadheads.

Available only through

We have found that the KME sharpening system is the best way to sharpen all your cut on contact broadheads, AND all your hunting knives.

We have endorsed the KME sharpening system for years and now KME has created a special kit just for GrizzlyStik.

This GrizzlyStik sharpening kit from KME is only available at and includes:

• 1- KME Knife Sharpening System Jig with standard knife jaws

• 1- Set KME Knife broadhead jaws

• 1- KME Accessory Base

• 1- KME Gold Series X-Coarse Hone - 140 grit

• 1- KME Gold Series Coarse Hone - 300 grit

• 1- KME Gold Series Fine Hone - 600 Grit

• 1- KME Gold Series Extra Fine Hone - 1500 grit

• 1- KME Kangaroo Leather Strop

• 1- Bottle KME 4 micron CBN emulsion (4 Micron = 4000 grit)

• 1- 1oz Water Bottle

• 1- 12 x 12 Cotton Cleaning Cloth

• 1- Detailed Instructions

• 1- Large Hardshell Case


Stay tuned for a video that covers single bevel broadheads on the GrizzlyStik kit from KME Sharpeners.