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GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT® 
Carbon Arrows -
By Victory Archery

These are TDT arrows & shafts orphaned during builds

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Cut Factory Second Arrows


(6) - Momentum 170's, Cut to 29.5" BOP, white nocks, 2" vane fletching, GrizzlyStik inserts Hot Melted in.

$59.99 per 6


(6) - Momentum 240's, Cut to 29.5" BOP, white nocks, 2" vane fletching, no cresting, GrizzlyStik inserts, built to 635 grains (without head).
$89.99 per 6

(10) - Momentum 240's, Cut to 28.5" BOP, white nocks, 2" vane fletching, Ethics inserts epoxied in.
$109.99 per 10

(11) - Momentum 240's, Cut to 27.5" BOP, white nocks, 2" vane fletching, GrizzlyStik inserts hot melted in.
$109.99 per 11

Cut Factory Second Shafts


(12) - Momentum 170's, Cut to 28" BOP, white nocks, GrizzlyStik inserts loose.
$79.99 per 12


(6) - Momentum 400's, Cut to 27" BOP, white nocks, GrizzlyStik inserts loose.
$39.99 per 6











We teamed up with Victory Archery with one goal - to make the best arrows for bowhunting we possibly could.


These arrows had to incorporate all of our (GrizzlyStik's) required elements as well as those suggested by Victory Archery.

• Super Strong Woven Carbon - For unsurpassed structural integrity

• A continuous .001"/inch taper from tip to tail - For built in FOC, Weight forward, Strength forward, and Spine Forward benefits

• Tapered externally and parallel internally - Allows spine control & tuning by cutting from point or nock end

• Thin diameter - thick walled, built on the .204" platform - For increased penetration performance and universal component compatibility

• As light as possible - for total arrow weight versatility & control, and to optimize FOC

• Include a tough in-outsert - To shore up the front of the arrow for hard bone-splitting hits

• Built to precise tolerances - Making tuning, accuracy, consistency, and bow set-up a breeze

• Include the Victory slick ICE coating - For better penetration on big game, and to minimize sticking in targets

• Provide the highest FOC (Forward Of Center) Potential of any other arrow - Approx. 5% FOC even with no nock or insert!





With the GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT thin diameter tapered arrows, you get a broadhead delivery system with built in FOC (Forward of Center) balance points of at least 20%, when loaded up with a 200 grain broadhead.

If weighted up to 650 grains with our internal weight system, these arrows become the flattest shooting arrows that still have the ability to split bone when encountered (when using GrizzlyStik single bevel broadheads) and give amazing penetration under all situations

Bowhunters now can truly have ONE ARROW that can provide lethal penetration - Pass Throughs and Bone Breaks - On all big game animals in North America and all African plains game animals up to and including Eland.

Settle on your set-up. Tune your bow to the GrizzlyStik System - and have one arrow for every big game animal in North America!

Beware the man with one arrow set-up for he very well may know what he is doing!

With the new Victory Momentum TDT thin diameter tapered arrows - you can do it!


Note: You don't HAVE to shoot a 200 grain broadhead. Some bowhunters shoot much lighter broadheads. If this is you - you STILL need to look at the Momentum TDT arrows, they will give you MUCH better penetration than your current arrows - even when you use non-GrizzlyStik broadheads.

If you take your bowhunting seriously - test the Momentum TDT arrows yourself - They give you more strength forward, weight forward, and spine forward. The fly more accurately at longer ranges, they group more consistently at longer ranges, and they are WAY less susceptible to wind drift!

Whether you shoot our broadheads or some other brand - With GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows behind your broadheads your set-up will penetrate better than ever before!

The new GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT full length tapered carbon arrows from Victory Archery are a game changer - you owe it to yourself to try them and see the difference.





Momentum TDT arrows offer the optimum ratio of mass weight to stiffness for arrows that live to zip through anything that gets in their way. In short, no matter how fast your compound, (or traditional bow for that matter) if you’re looking for the ultimate, “one arrow that does it all”, fill your quiver with Momentum TDT tapered carbons and hunt with confidence, knowing that you’re shooting the best there is.

GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT's come standard with Bohning A-nocks, and the new factory bonded aluminum and brass jacketed outer sleeve insert system.


Note: All current stock GrizzlyStik Single Bevel broadheads are Right bevel heads.





Maximize penetration! For amazing pass-through power like you’ve never seen before, shoot hard-hitting GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows by Victory Archery.

The most advanced full length tapered carbon arrows ever offered. Cutting edge micro-carbon technology combined with the industry’s only tip-to-tail-taper yields an incredibly strong, aerodynamically superior, “broadhead delivery system.”

The proof is in the shooting, (and the science that backs it up) with GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows you get all the penetration advantages of; weight forward, strength forward, and spine forward; including built-in Ultra-Forward of Center potential.

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