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Record Book & World Records

One major fault we find with our bowhunting industry, is the ease with which manufacturers and their marketing advicates proclaim their products to be the "Best."  No proof, no track record just the "Best." OK....we know all industries do it but the marketing sensationalism in bowhunting seems to play at another level. 

For the record, GrizzlyStik have never claimed to build the "best" anything. That doesn't mean we don't believe our arrow & broadhead system isn't world class - we know it is.  It means we know not all hunters will find our equipment the "best" and that's OK.   Instead we focus attention on our customers who LOVE GrizzlyStik and couldn't imagine shooting anything else.

just know what is the best for one hunter is not the best for another. We have claimed to try and outfit our customers with equipment that supplied them the "best" chance of success in the feild.  

World Record Brown Bear
w/the 650 GrizzlyStik System 


On September 24, the Pope and Young Club (P&Y) assembled a Special Panel in Windsor, Colorado, to officially measure a new World Record Alaskan brown bear shot by Chris Cammack on the Alaskan Peninsula in May 2018.


The bear’s original score of 29-4/16 inches, was confirmed by the three-member panel of judges, exceeding the previous record (shot by GrizzlyStik customer Jack Brittingham in 2004) by only 1/16-inch. Cammack shot the bear at 14 yards using a 650-grain GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system recommended by his guide,Cole Kramer.

For the world record - Chris took a FRONTAL shot at 14 yards.  This is where the 650 grain GrizzlyStik System stopped poking out the rear ham.  Over 8 1/2 FEET - of arrow penetration in the worlds largest brown bear ever taken with an arrow!

**World Record Sand Gazelle** - Sand Gazelle have been hunted in the desert near Al Ain since before the time of Babylon. Fast forward a few thousand years and Mr. Poindexter inked a new SCI number 1 spot by taking this 37 6/8" UAE buck.

After successfully hunting with the 650 GrizzlyStik system on African safari, Mr. Poindexter had no hesitation shooting the same set up on this historical desert hunt. We matched our Momentum TDT arrows tipped with a Maasai 200 broadheads to his 70# bow. The tapered arrows were built to 650 grains total and had a 25% FOC.

The results?

A place in history, fresh ink in the record books and a big smile after successfully completing one of the most challenging bowhunts in the world.