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OVERKILL™ Samurai 175 Broadheads 3-Pack

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The 175-grain Samurai has proven itself to be effective on all North American big game. 

The 175-grain Samurai is perfect for bowhunters who are looking for that 575-grain to 585-grain 'sweet spot' which gives bowhunters the optimum balance of - a hard-hitting arrow and a good flat trajectory!

When you're running a 575-grain setup with a razor-sharp, cut-on-contact, single bevel broadhead like this OVERKILL Samurai 150 you are equipped for pass-through performance and bone-breaking potential.

GrizzlyStik Samurai single bevel broadheads, with their deep, razor-sharp single bevels and thick ultra-tuff blades split and blow through bone as only a GrizzlyStik single bevel can.

Even with lighter sub-650 grain set-ups, you're increasing your odds of blowing through bone when you're shooting our single bevel broadheads.

Our 175-grain Samurai single bevel broadheads are suitable for all North American big game and African plains game.

Set yourself up for success with GrizzlyStik Samurai broadheads.

When powered by the right arrow and you’ll never have to worry about bone hits again. (For bone-breaking performance we recommend a minimum of 650-grains in total arrow/broadhead weight.)

Take advantage of the single bevel edge. Fill your quiver with Samurai-tipped GrizzlyStiks and hunt hard with confidence in your equipment.

GrizzlyStik Samurai is based on the straight-edged, high mechanical advantage broadheads, that were more efficient in all of Dr. Ashby's reports.

Right bevel only.

Note: Always match right bevel with right helical vanes/feathers. 

Click here to see all the Ashby broadhead penetration reports 

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Caution: Does NOT fit Easton Deep Six

 OVERKILL Samurai 175 Broadhead: 

♦  AUS4 Stainless Steel  

♦  54 Rockwell Hardness

♦  .068" Blade Thickness

♦  1.13" x 3.03"

♦  Straight edge design

♦  Wide 25° Single bevels

♦  Tanto - No skip tip

♦  CNC aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule

♦  Smooth transition, low profile ferrule

♦  Ferrule diameter .334"

♦  Stainless Steel Hex screws

♦  Razor-sharp and ready to hunt

♦  175 grains

♦  Fits all standard threaded inserts

♦  Right Bevel Only

♦  3 per pack


**Kool Aid Drinkers** - "I got my brother-in-law drinking the koolaid of heavy arrows and good heads and it resulted well. Following the Wray Ranchfairy we decided to go with your heads on a 100 grain insert 300 spine Victory Apollo. He shot this buck with the OVERKILL Samurai 175 and they did not disappoint the overkill name.

Photo is of another arrow in his quiver because he couldn’t find the other one in the cornfield after blowing through this Iowa public ground buck! Thank you all for putting out such a great product you will have his and my business for life!" - Mitch Bowden